How To Download And Flash Trend Solar Firmware On Solar Trend Smartphone Using Your Computer

Hello dear readers. Welcome. In this article, we are going to look at how to download and flash Trend Solar firmware on Trend Solar Smartphone using your computer. Welcome ones again. Now, if I have to be clear, this article is for people who have an idea on what mobile phone flashing is. And also, you will need to have a PC or a laptop if you’ve got one. You can also check another related article on how to flash Sowhat v3  smartphone with sowhat v3 firmware file.


Ok, now back to our article, if you are having the solar trend Smartphone and you need to flash it with another Trend Solar firmware, then in this article, I am going to take you through simple steps on how to download and flash Solar Trend firmware on Trend Solar Smartphone using your computer. Not always you will be required to flash a firmware on your phone. Its only when it’s the last thing you need to do. Flashing a new firmware on your phone may be risky. But there are reasons which may require that you carry out this exercise.

Reasons for Flashing Trend Solar Firmware

As I have mentioned earlier, not every problem calls for a firmware flashing. But only specific issues. And these issues should strictly be software related issues. If you are facing one or several of these highlighted issues, then it’s a go ahead for you.

  1. Your Trend Solar smartphone hangs on logo even after factory reset
  2. If you want to remove security lock and manual method can’t work due to hardware issues.
  3. FRP bypass (If manual method is not working for you)
  4. Your Trend Solar is stuck in a bootloop
  5. Apps keeps crushing unnecessarily even after a hard reset
  6. Unbrick after a softbrick
  7. If your solar trend is dead after another attempted flashing with incompatible firmware.

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Method On How To Download And Flash Trend Solar TS-X  Firmware On Trend Solar Smartphone

Now that you’ve known that whichever problem you are having with Trend Solar and can be fixed using flashing solar trend firmware as listed above, now let us proceed on how to download and flash Trend Solar firmware on Trend Solar Smartphone using your computer.

The following is the step by step method on how to download and flash Trend solar firmware on Trend Solar Smartphone using your computer.

Trend Solar TS-X Firmware Download and Flashing.

Step 1

The very first step involves the most fundamental thing of all and that is to get the file you are going to use to flash your phone. In this case, you can download Trend Solar TS-X Firmware from this link. Extract the zip file with any software you wish to. You can also check another related article on How to Flash D light M100 smartphone and remove Pay Joy lock.

Step 2

After downloading the Trend Solar firmware and extracting it, now you will need to have the tool by which you can flash your firmware with. I understand that am addressing an audience that is well versed with mobile phone flashing, so, this should not be an issue. You can use, CM2, or in my case for this article, I am using miracle 2.82. For you who might be wondering why not use SP Flashtool, this firmware cannot work on sp flashtool.

Step 3

To those who have Miracle box, I think you can now follow me. Launch miracle box. For those who don’t have a box for Miracle, there is Miracle box crack you can use without having an Miracle box or Miracle dongle.

solar trend 1.JPG

Step 4

Click on the “Write” button on miracle box interface, navigate to the file directory you extracted your Trend solar firmware file and then load the scatter file.

Solar trend.JPG

Click on the “open” button and then let the firmware load until you see the information of the trend solar phone displayed under the miracle box log area as shown below.

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solar trend 2.JPG

Step 5

Now, after you have successfully loaded your Trend Solar firmware file on your miracle box tool, it is time to go ahead and flash your Trend Solar Smartphone. Click on the start button on Miracle box. Miracle will start waiting for a connection from your PC

trend ssolar.JPG

Power off your phone or simple remove the battery and place it back. Connect your phone to the PC via your USB Data cable. Miracle box will detect your phone and will start writing your Trend Solar firmware on your phone.

During this time, make sure that your phone is somewhere stable where you are not going to interfere with it. Wait until flashing is done. Disconnect your phone from the PC and power it up. Finnish the initial set up settings and you will be done. That is the easiest method on how to flash Trend Solar firmware file using a computer.



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