How to Disable Notifications From Google Chrome On Windows 10 Computer

Hello Everyone. Welcome again to Technology Sage. Today we are going to look at a very interesting topic about How to disable notifications from Google chrome on windows 10 computer. If you are operating on Windows 10 and you are using Google Chrome, then this topic is meant for you. Google Chrome is Google’s official internet browsing software for computers. You can also have it on your Mac PC if you have a computer running on Mac OS. It works fine just like on Windows OS. Google Chrome is a very great internet browser software to use on your PC. We are not discrediting other browsers, but Google chrome is very nice, fast and very efficient to use.

Having a reliable web browser is a fundamental need for any computer user who likes browsing the internet. These days, millions of people around the world visit the internet every day for various purposes. Having a good browser is quite important. A great internet browser is a very important tool to have on your PC for it gives you an easy, safe and a great browsing experience according to your internet needs. Having said that, you need to choose wisely which internet browser you are going to use for your browsing experience. Google Chrome is always the best choice. It gives you the ease of browsing the internet with speed, remembering your passwords and keeping your browser history, bookmarks and other more features. Every time we visit various websites while in quest for information. Many of these websites would always want to push promotional notifications on our computers. (See the screenshot below for an example of chrome pop up)

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There is always an option to block those notifications but someway somehow, we find ourselves allowing those notifications from different websites. The annoying part is when those notifications start poping up every now and then and ruining our peace when we use or computers .If you have ever been through this or experiencing this problem and you have ever wished to stop those notifications, let us look at How to disable notifications from Google chrome on windows 10 computer. Also read: Ransomware and how to avoid being hacked

How to disable notifications from Google chrome on windows 10 computer

Usually, these notifications pop up from the bottom right corner of your PC. You can check the notifications from the notifications balloon at the bottom right Conner just after the date and time as shown in the screenshot below.

C:\Users\Mr. Priest\Pictures\Notification baloon.PNG

On the notification balloon, you will see a number of notifications you have received. Not all those notifications are from Google Chrome, but even the windows system notifications also always show in the notifications balloon. But in this case, let us only focus on notification from websites from Chrome. The first step will be to click on the notification balloon to see the notifications you have received and see from which site they come from. Usually every notification indicates which site it was allowed from.

Now, as you move your cursor upon each notification, you will see a gear symbol representing a setting option. Right click on the notification and you will see the notification turn off options from that particular notification. Note that you can individually turn off each individual notification from this option. But since we want to totally turn off notifications from Google Chrome, we shall do it just ones for all sites which you have allowed notifications from. Now after you have right clicked on the notification, click on “Go to Chrome notification settings.” This will open the notification settings page on Google Chrome browser. You will see a button to turn off all notifications from all the websites you have allowed notifications from.

C:\Users\Mr. Priest\Pictures\turn of notifications.PNG

Click on the button from the notification settings as shown above to turn off all notifications from Google Chrome. You will see that there is a list of websites which you have allowed notifications from. You can turn off notifications from those that you don’t want to receive notifications from and leave the ones you think you need to see notifications from. To do this, don’t turn off notification button from above because it will turn off all notifications from Chrome. Just scroll down through the websites listed, click on the 3 dots alongside each website

C:\Users\Mr. Priest\Pictures\remove indiidual notification.PNG

You can do that to other websites listed and remove notifications from those websites you don’t want and leave those that you want. That is How to disable notifications from Google chrome on windows 10 computer. Thank you all and standby for more articles from technology sage. Remember to subscribe to receive emails every time we update our articles.

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