How to Delete Windows.old Folder Permanently From Windows PC

Hello dear readers. Welcome again to Technology sage. Here, we provide solutions for all technological issues regarding computers, mobile phones and other day to day tech tweaks. Today, we are going to look at How to delete windows.old permanently from Windows PC. Windows, the official Operating system for PC provides us with a smooth platform to run our usual programs on our windows PCs and gives us the ability to do all our work on our computers. But many times, things do happen. Maybe we get infected with viruses, or something just happens, some programs stops running or just our PCs just runs into software problems and we remain with no option but to change the operating system. Sometimes it is not even in the dire need of formatting the operating system due to file or system corruption, but since windows has given us options to change the operating systems from one of their operating system to another, sometime we can just feel to migrate from one operating system to another.

Microsoft Windows has given users the choice to switch from one operating system to another in case the operating system you have migrated to proves problematic or you just want to switch to your previous version. Because of this, you can have two operating systems on the same computer and switch between which one you want to use. Because of this, if you install another operating system, windows saves the files of your previous operating system in a folder known as windows.old. This folder contains your old OS hence the name “Windows.old.” Sometimes if you are contended with the new OS you have switched to, you might want to do away with your .old OS so that you only have one OS running automatically hence the need to delete this Windows .old folder which has your old OS. Today, am going to show you how to delete windows.old folder permanently from windows PC.

How to delete Windows.old folder

Maybe you are asking yourself why should you learn how to delete windows .old folder when you can simply use the normal folder deleting method of right clicking and deleting option? The reason why you need to know how to delete windows.old folder on PC is that you cannot delete this folder the usual way. This is because this folder is protected by the Windows administrator from being deleted because it contains windows operating system. For you to delete this folder, windows will always ask you to get administrator permission first; And this will go on and on and on again. So, let us look at the steps on how to delete windows.old folder.

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Step 1:

First, you have to know on which disk partition you installed your old windows OS. Now, go to the home button or hit the windows key on your keyboard then search ‘Disk cleanup’ or ‘clean.’ You will see in the result the Disk cleanup app or tool. Click on it to open.

Step 2:

After the disk clean up tool is opened, click on the drop-down arrow to select the disk you had installed your previous windows operating system. It might be C, D or E depending on where you installed. In this example, it is on disk C. Select Disk C and click OK button.

C:\Users\Mr. Priest\Pictures\windows old.PNG

Step 3:

Now, Disk clean up will open the specific disk or partition you want to clean by loading files in that particular disk as shown below.

C:\Users\Mr. Priest\Pictures\windows old 2.PNG

Step 4:

In this step, after Disk Cleanup tool has calculated how much space you will be able to free up on your disk, it shall open up and you will see the files Disk cleanup tool can permanently erase. Now, scroll down through the files and uncheck all apart from windows.old folder. You can also check those you might wish to clean up alongside windows.old.

C:\Users\Mr. Priest\Pictures\Windows old 3.PNG

Step 5

Finally, having selected your windows installation file in disk clean up, click on the OK button from below and let Disk cleanup tool permanently delete up the file. That is it. Those are the simple steps on how to delete windows.old on windows PC.