How to convert a laptop into a tv using USB TV stick

Welcome again. Today we learn how to convert a laptop into a tv using USB TV stick. I believe at some point this idea has ever crossed your mind. If you are a laptop owner, I know it is certainly your small office where you have all your office work done from including using the internet and your all online activities. Apart from all that and having all your very important stuff on it, certainly you have some movies or videos you watch during your free time. But have you ever imagined or come to think of also your laptop having to serve as a tv? You can imagine how amazing it can be to watch all of your favorite tv shows and news on your laptop. Read Also: Watch Live/Stream English Premier League (EPL) Football For free on KODI TV

A laptop is a portable computer. Therefore, there is no need of having the stress and the hustle of rushing home after work to watch your favorite tv shows since you can carry your laptop anywhere. At some point, purchasing a separate tv set might not be a quite welcoming idea considering the cost of a brand new tv. It will cost you some money. There is no need of buying a tv set (unless you really need it) when you can have everything in one place on your laptop. If you don’t have a tv, worry no more.

While I walk you through the steps of having your laptop as a tv, all you will have to do is set your laptop at a convenient place somewhere on the table and have your family watching tv at the comfort of your sofa.How to convert a laptop into a tv using USB TV stick

Various ways on how to turn your laptop into a tv.

There are various ways by which you can convert your laptop into a tv. You can purchase a USB tv stick. This is a modem-like gadget with a similar USB port to insert into your laptop or pc’s USB port. It has a tv tuner built inside it. It also has an aerial extension wire extending from inside the USB tv stick and an antenna which has a rubber sucker at the base where you can simply stick it to a wall inside the house.

This USB tv stick is easy and simple to use. It is a plug-and-play device. Just like the normal flash disk you are used to. It comes with its drivers and installers from the supplier. It also comes with a separate remote control which you can simply browse through the channels and select whichever you want to watch at the comfort of your sofa. It is actually very portable. The antenna is small and foldable that you can unplug your USB tv stick and put it into your laptop bag and carry it to work. USB tv sticks are available in many electronic shops even online. You can make your orders. They are cheap too. Read Also: How to connect iPad to TV wirelessly without Apple TV

Alternatively, you can buy a tv tuner card which can be physically inserted into your computer by a qualified technician. This too, will give you a very clear tv signal where you can watch your tv on your computer. These cards are available in computer shops.

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