How to Bypass/Remove FRP on Motorola TX1723 Smartphone

Hello everyone and welcome to Technologysage. Have you ever encountered the FRP problem on Motorola XT 1723 smartphone? Maybe it is the reason why you are reading this article. I am going to show you how to Bypass/remove FRP on Motorola xt1723 smartphone. Google have really tried to keep Android operating system up to date. And almost every year, a new Android version is introduced and adopted on new models of smartphones. Alongside these new Android updates, are various security patches crafted to make sure that Android smartphone users have a secure way of using their phones while protecting their data from unauthorized access and theft.

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FRP is known as Factory Reset Protection. This is a feature that was introduced on smartphones running Android 5 lollipop and above. FRP protects your smartphone from being used by unauthorized people or thieves after a hard reset. This means that after a hard reset, one is required to sign in with a Google account that was previously set on the phone before a hard reset. But we are all human beings and at some points, we tend to forget. At a point where you have forgotten your Google account details and perform a factory reset on your Motorola XT 1723, you will encounter an FRP problem, even when it’s with your own phone. Today I am going to show you how to bypass/remove FRP on Motorola XT 1723 smartphone.

Bypass FRP on Motorola XT 1723 FRP Files and SP Flash tool.

There are various ways by which you can bypass FRP on various Android smartphones. You can use Miracle Box tool. But with Motorola XT 1723 model, it is hard because this particular model isn’t supported by Miracle Box. So this option will not help you. Another option is to weave your way by manipulating the few loopholes you can find with the only features you can access when your phone is still under FRP lockdown to get to the internet and download FRP reset apps. This process is also not a wise thing to choose. It is technical and time-consuming and sometimes, it might just not work or you will get lost or skip a step along the way. The best and most efficient and reliable way is to use SP Flash tool.

Remove FRP on Motorola XT 1723 Using SP Flash tool and FRP bypass Files.

FRP itself is a small file within a Smartphone’s stock ROM. When you hard reset your phone, all data is wiped except the data on the FRP file. Normally, you can bypass FRP by downloading a stock ROM and flashing your phone with it using SP Flash tool. But it is a waste of time and resources since it is just only one File you need to download; the FRP File. Now, in this case, Find and download Motorola XT 1723 FRP bypass zip file.

C:\Users\Mr. Priest\Pictures\motorola 1.PNG

Now, extract your zip file to the folder of your choice. It is always good to extract to a path you can easily find or just within the same folder as the zip. After you have extracted this zip file, you will see these files as shown in the screenshot below.

C:\Users\Mr. Priest\Pictures\motorola 2.PNG

Now, open SP Flash tool on your PC. Run it as Administrator. Now, unlike Flashing a new ROM, you will have to change the Downloading agent from the default SP’s DA. Click on The Download Agent button as shown below. Navigate to the folder you downloaded your file and select “DA PL.Bin” file.

C:\Users\Mr. Priest\Pictures\motorola 3.PNG

After you have selected the DA_PL.bin file, now it is time to load the scatter. Click on the ‘Scatter loading’ navigate to the folder you extracted and now select ‘MT6737M Android Scatter’ file. This, in turn, will initiate SP Flash tool to load files with only FRP File selected as shown below since it’s the only file you want to flash and Bypass FRP on Motorola XT 1723 smartphone. See the screenshot below.

C:\Users\Mr. Priest\Pictures\MOTO C PLUS FRP REMOVE.PNG

Now, having reached this step, your FRP file is loaded. Click on the Download button above in green as shown in the screenshot above. It is now time to connect your Motorola XT1723 phone. Power it off, remove the battery, place it back and connect your phone to the USB cable. If it isn’t connecting and it only charges, remove the battery and connect it back to USB cable again, Sp Flash tool will detect your phone and flashing will begin. After you see a green tick with “OK” flashing is done. Remove your phone from the USB cable, put back the battery and power it ON. Complete the setup settings and you will be done. You can Download these files Here.

That is how you can bypass FRP on Motorola XT 1723 smartphone. You can use the same method for XT1721 model. Thank you all for reading. Kindly subscribe to receive emails every time we post a new article.

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