Do You Clean Your Phone?

Perhaps the more important question is should you clean your phone, and the answer is a resounding yes. Whenever we ask Fonehouse customers about phone cleaning, we either get a confused look or shuffling of the feet and looking away. The simple fact is phone cleaning is not a high priority for most people, either because they forget and don’t have time, or because they do not realize what a bug and dirt managed your handset really is.

Phones Could Make You Ill

When you think about where you have your phone, you might begin to see the importance of cleaning it. We put our phone to our face to take calls. Your eyes, mouth, nose and ears are all inlets to the body, and yucky things can be transferred from phone to face in the blink of an eye. When you are not using your phone you shove it in your pocket, you sit on it, you leave it on a worktop, you shove it in a bag. When you are using your phone, do you wash your hands? Are you one of those people that take their phone to the bathroom with them? Germs are microscopic and can be moved from surface to surface all too easily. So if we accept we do not want a side of germs to eat with our meals, we really need to be cleaning our phones regularly.

How Often Should You Clean Your Phone?

Well, the jury is out on this one, but if you don’t ever clean your phone at the moment then weekly would be progress. Some people clean their phones twice a day, so perhaps somewhere in the middle is a happy medium. After all, it isn’t going to take a massive amount of time, but if it means you don’t have germ kebab for dinner it could well be a lifestyle change worth making! Perhaps make it part of your last thing at night routine or build it into your day in some way.

How Do You Clean A Handset?

First of all, put down the bowl of soapy water, that is not going to end well. If you are going to clean your phone the most crucial starting point is to turn it off. Don’t try and clean it when it is still on that could also end badly. If you want to be really methodical with your cleaning, may handsets have dust caps available? These tiny pieces of plastic and metal can be bought to fit some phones to plug the headphone and power lead holes when not in use. To clean the phone, you can just use a soft cloth after you have washed your hands as they are not likely to be clean either. Screen wipes can be purchased but use these gently to avoid scratching the screen. Of course, you could start as you mean to go on and apply a screen protector and replace it regularly but to be honest a good wipe down will typically suffice. Hold the phone over a soft surface while cleaning in case you accidentally drop it.


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