How to Disable or Turn Off Startup Sound on HTC One

If you don’t like the Quietly Brilliant sound that you hear each time to turn on your HTC One device, here is how to disable startup sound on HTC One for good. While the many of us would be happy to have the startup sound on our HTC One devices, there are those who prefer it all silent like it is on most other high-end devices. There is no way to disable startup sound on HTC One in the settings or through an app is it is the case with most android phones. Luckily, all hope isn’t lost given that there are at least two ways to do that.

1. Changing the xml file which references the sound file on HTC One

For this particular option to work, you need to have rooted your HTC One and have a file manager app that is enabled to work with root devices (such as Total Commander or Root Browser). As a cautionary note, rooting your device voids it warranty meaning that in the case of it breaking down, your manufacturer will not be liable for that. Besides that, you risk bricking your device in the case that you root it wrongly. With many safe rooting methods available, you need not worry. Read Also: How to Root Huawei GR5 without Computer

Back to our method, here are the steps to take in disabling the startup sound on your device:

Disable startup sound HTC-One

With the file explorer app, navigate to the address named /system/customize/resource and find the file named HTC_Sense5_Boot.mp3 then rename it to anything of your liking. Save the new file and reboot your device. Just like that, you would have gotten rid of it.

The other method is to navigate using the file explorer to /system/customize/resource/CID then click open the default.xml file. Look for the code named:


<BootAnimation animation=”/system/customize/resource/” audio=”/system/customize/resource/HTC_Sense5_Boot.mp3″/>


Then edit it so that it looks like the code below nu deleting the last part:


<BootAnimation animation=”/system/customize/resource/” />


Save it then reboot your device. You will notice that the sound is no longer there.

2. Removing or hiding the startup sound file on HTC one.

This method also requires that you root your HTC One before commencing. It should also have a custom recovery partition such as CWM or TWRP. You also need a computer with the ADB file installed. While it requires more than ten other methods, it is quite simple. Just following these prompts;

  • Put your phone into recovery mode.
  • Open the ADB shell.
  • Locate Mount/System then change it to /system/customize/resource.
  • You can then rename or delete the file named HTC_Sense5_Boot.mp3 to any name you want.

If you are interested in the code for this last method of how to disable startup sound for HTC One, it is:

mount /system

cd /system/customize/resource

mv HTC_Sense5_Boot.mp3 HTC_Sense5_Boot_mp3.disabled

Basically, these methods focus on either doing away with the actual sound that plays at the beginning of your phone’s boot up process or disabling the process that plays the sound altogether. It is quite unfortunate that HTC did not include a way to turn off the sound with ease. It could even do away with it.

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