Ransomware and How to avoid being hacked

Ransomware And How to Avoid Being Hacked.

Hello all technology sage readers. Welcome again and today, I want us to learn about ransomware and how to avoid being hacked. Hacking itself sounds like the things we watch in movies about hired hackers […]


3d printer: beginners guide

New technologies surround us everywhere nowadays. They make our life easier and allow to do things which were impossible some time ago. Every day there’s a new innovation in the tech world. Some of the […]


Key Ways Technology Has Changed Everyday Life

“The medium is the message.” Marshall Mcluhan once famously heralded during the days of electronic light and electronic pathways giving way to this new river of information. New technologies constantly reflect and advise  the way people conduct […]

How to download videos on facebook

How To Download Facebook Videos on Windows computer

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how to lock PDF

How to Lock PDF Documents with password

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