How To Fix Screen Brightness not Changing On Windows 10.

Hello guys. In this article, we are going to learn how to fix screen brightness not changing in windows 10. If you are going through this problem on your Windows 10 PC, I understand that it is so frustrating because I went through the same too. Your computer screen brightness remaining too much bright is exhausting and not good for the eyes especially in dark places or during nighttime. Too low brightness is also not good during daytime or when in a less lit room. It is hard to see the content of your laptop or pc screen.


Now, I don’t know how many things you have tried to do to resolve this issue, but one sure thing is that in this article, you are going to learn how to fix screen brightness not changing in windows 10. There are various ways and methods you can use to solve this problem. But still, you can also check another article on how to Watch Sports Channels and Live Football on Android Smart TV. Now, let us look at how to fix screen brightness not changing in windows 10.

Various Ways On How To Fix Screen Brightness Not Changing In Windows 10

Not being able to change your computer’s screen brightness is quite frustrating. You are left with a brightness level that you either use the way it is or leave it. There are several methods through which you can fix screen brightness not changing in windows 10. Let us look at each one of them.

1. Update Display drivers

On computers, drivers control most of the features we use. For brightness control and screen display, Display drivers need to be available, ready, and up to date. If you cannot be able to set your computer’s brightness level, then the first thing to do is to update the display drivers. To update display drivers, open your computer’s device manager.

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Under device manager, select “Display adapters.”


Under display driver, right-click on the available driver and select “update driver”


Select the “Search automatically for drivers” option and let windows search, download and update drivers. This method requires that your computer be connected to an internet connection. After updating drivers, reboot your PC and try to adjust the screen brightness level. If still nothing works, move to the next step.

2. Windows update

Windows updates come frequently on your computer. You can check for your computer updates in the settings,


Under windows update, check for windows update. If an update is available, then you can proceed and do an update. This process needs quite a lot of data therefore, make sure you are connected to a WIFI connection. After the update is completed and the installation of the update is complete, Windows will prompt for a reboot. Reboot your PC and let it install the updates. It takes quite a lot of time but eventually it has to Finnish.

After everything is completed, try to adjust the screen brightness. If still nothing works after this method, then try the next and final method on how to fix screen brightness not changing on windows 10.

3. Change Monitor Display drivers.

Now, the first method we tried was to do an update on display drivers. This now is the last solution on how to fix screen brightness not changing in windows 10. In this method, we are now not going to do a monitor drivers change. We are going to change the monitor drivers and use a different driver. To do so, just like in the first method, open the device manager on your PC.


Under device manager, select “Monitors.”


Under that, right-click on the available drivers, and just like in the first step we did.


Select the second option to choose the drivers from your PC


Now, this will open up and you will be asked to choose a different monitor driver for your Windows 10 PC. Instead of the standard monitor driver, select the “Generic PnP monitor” driver as shown below. Click “NEXT


Windows will install the driver and complete the installation as shown below.


Click “Close” button.

Immediately you will see this driver now has replaced your other basic “Pnp monitor (Standard)” driver


Finally, you will immediately notice that the screen brightness has changed. You can go the notification panel and now you will notice that the screen brightness seek bar has now appeared. You can now set the brightness level and also change to night mode if you so wish.


That is the simplest methods on how to fix screen brightness not changing in windows 10. Thank you so much for reading. I hope that you’ve found the solution to your problem. If you have resolved your issue, kindly don’t just go, subscribe to my website for exclusive updates of my articles as soon as I publish them. Also, see what other members are saying by joining our forum. Also, like our pages on Facebook and Twitter. Until we meet again, stay tuned for more articles next time. Thank you so much and bye.


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