Can android connect to Apple TV?

If you need to connect android to Apple TV, you are in for luck as there are several ways you can make this a possibility. In the early days of Android and the Apple ecosystem, there was a virtual wall on the Apple side that prevented it from working well with Android and the likes. To this day, only a part of this wall has been broken down to allow for the two to play well with each other. Most of the workarounds are third-party pieces of software that allow you to use one service on the other side. Read Also: How to screen mirror Android to Apple TV without root

While Google has played nice and allowed most of its software and services to be used on Apple devices, Apple has not done so yet. Thus, while you can use Chromecast with an iPhone or iPad, you cannot straight away do the same with the Apple TV. However, two major methods to use android with the Apple TV to listen to music or watch videos have been established and shall be discussed below.Can android connect to Apple TV


DoubleTwist is one of the main bridges between Android and the Apple ecosystem. It was initially used as a way to get your iTunes playlist onto your Android device. However, the developer of this great piece of software has added in a way to stream your Android content unto the Apple TV in the same way you would use an iPhone, iPad, Mac or iPod with an Apple TV. Not just that, you can use DoubleTwist to stream content to AirPlay-enabled speakers and devices. You will need the AirSync plugin for it to work as needed as the DoubleTwist app on its own will not work well. AirSync has AirTwist which is the service used to send content to the Apple TV.

To use this method, make sure your Apple TV and the Android device in question are connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the first step. When you are playing music, you will see the Wi-Fi symbol above your Now Playing. This button allows you to send the content to the Apple TV.


Allcast is the second method you can use for the same task at work. While a new method, you can use it in the same way you would use an iPhone with the Apple TV. Just ensure the Apple TV and the Android device are connected to the same network. Then you can choose the Apple TV as the broadcast channel for your content. It is an easier method to employ and execute compared to DoubleTwist and any other methods to connect android to Apple Twist.

Keep in mind that neither Android nor the Apple TV has an official way to link the two popular platforms. That does not mean that you cannot enjoy content on the big screen if you do not have an iOS device at hand. It is a workaround that should work without a hitch and in a short setup period.

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