10 Reasons you should have Shopify as your eCommerce Platform

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In the present time, online shopping became common and it came into our daily routine life. It is like the booster for the shopaholics, big spenders as they don’t have to visit the physical stores every time. Simply, eCommerce has given the revolution to the retail industry.

With the leap in internet technology & digital transformation, the barrier of entrance & complexities has fallen down. Thus Shopify has acted as a catalyst in the process of eCommerce website development.

So if you are thinking of launching your brand on the web, then most probably thousands of questions & doubts fly in your mind regarding how Shopify will help you, how to hire Shopify developers, what are the complexities, and many more.

In case you lack the time & trustworthy resources to know all information, our recommendation will be Shopify and here you come to know 10 reasons why Shopify should be your Online store business.

So What Exactly Is The Shopify…

Shopify is a subscription-based eCommerce based platform, which allows retail business owners, entrepreneurs, startups to launch the online store in fact it’s a lot more than that.

This is the reliable eCommerce website development platform that makes your efforts easier to start your business and operate online. Also, it provides full ownership and gives independence.

Ease To Use

Shopify is one of the top-rated eCommerce website development platforms that ease the complexities to reduce the burden of launching online stores from scratch. It requires very low technical skill sets and the majority of the tools are available online or embedded in it.

The majority of the individuals suffer from nerve cracking challenges that they may have to take a deep dive in the ocean of codes, but it’s not so true. Shopify solves these issues to a greater extent. Even if you do want to be involved in this case, it’s always better to take the assistance of a professional and hire a Shopify developer to get this work done.

Plenty of App-Rich Platform

Shopify is added by an ocean of useful & handy applications. These apps reduce the efforts of the business admin to manage the operations. The Shopify ecosystem is designed to support all tasks of the eCommerce business. Custom features can also be added when you get or hire Shopify developers.

For example, if you wanted to start a dropshipping business, the Shopify apps streamline all operations and reduce the efforts. Whether you wanted to manage sales, marketing, shipping, products addition or coupon codes addition all you can do from the common control panel dashboard.

Easy SEO Optimization & Keywords Addition

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) enables your eCommerce website to get ranked on the search engine result page whenever the potential customers made searches associated with your brand. It increases the website conversion rates and boosts the sales revenue. Shopify delivers the rooms to add the keywords and optimize the contents as per the business needs. When you hire Shopify developers the multiple SEO tools can be integrated by them for easy monitoring & optimization.

An Enormous Cluster of Themes

Shopify has a massive pool of themes that can be utilized to create the storefront in very little time. There are both free & paid themes that can be selected by you based on price or design as well. The themes are categorized in a wide range from fashion, photography, clothing, jewellery, electronics, food & drinks, health and much more.

If you want to make your online store with your unique design then you can create the custom design with your unique and personal touch. When you hire Shopify developers they craft the exact look & feel of the storefront as per your requirements.

Hire Shopify Developer

Multi-Payment Gateways

Consider the scenario, where your customers left the website or abandoned the cart while making checkout as they did not find the preferable mode of payments. So in order to avoid this, Shopify provides multiple payment gateways so you won’t lose customers.

Shopify offers the payments gateways like PayPal, Apple Pay, Stripe, Amazon Pay, or any other third party payment module. The integration of the payments gateways needs the exact configuration of the APIs for which it’s always best to get or hire Shopify developers.

Advanced 24/7 Dedicated Customer Support

When it comes to customer support, you can avail of this service any time over email, phone or chat. Technical issues can arise at any time, and Shopify supports you to resolve the issues as soon as possible so you won’t lose your valuable business time.

Responsive Layout For All Devices

With the rapid evolution in mobile technology and the internet, the majority of the users prefer to shop from their smartphones while travelling, chatting, eating or in their free time. Luckily Shopify understands these points clearly. You can hire Shopify developers so that the website should be responsive and appear uniform on all devices of all sizes. The users can access every feature from their phones.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Shopify helps you take fruitful action when any user leaves the cart without making the transactions. According to some research-based stats, two-third of the users do this. Shopify offers abandoned cart recovery services where it tracks & sends automatic emails to remind the customers to make the purchase. You can hire Shopify developers to create & add the email templates which needs to be sent to the users whenever this happens.

Reduces Errors & Data Duplicity Issues

In the eCommerce website, there are multiple fields or forms to enter the data associated with the products. there are chances of manual errors and duplication. In some cases, it’s hard to trace the errors if they are not properly tracked. When you get or hire Shopify developers you can easily enable the features in Shopify to add the data in the automated form and eliminate the errors in the data.

Powerful Reporting & Analytics

The analytics enables you to get the behaviour of the customers on the website. It helps to know which products are doing better and which ones need to optimize. The analytics allows making better decisions to boost sales and revenue. Even you get the custom reports by integration of the custom software. The integration of the third party can be done easily when you hire Shopify developers.


Shopify is the best eCommerce platform for startups & entrepreneurs to launch their brand presence in the eCommerce market. Many other factors make Shopify unique in the eCommerce platform. However, it is always necessary to make the deep dive into the research before you invest your hard-earned savings in the business.


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