10 hidden features of Android 7.0 nougat

The latest iteration of the Android operating system, Android 7 (Nougat) has many neat features. The issue is that some of these features may not be known by most users. We put out the 10 hidden features of Android 7.0 nougat. The question now is whether these hidden nougat features are charming enough to make you want to upgrade from android 6.0 marshmallow to android 7.o nougat.

hidden features of Android 7.0 nougathidden features of Android 7.0 nougat

  • Multi-window mode

The much-hyped multiwindow mode is finally with us. With this feature, you can have two apps sharing your screen for the best multitasking experience. To access it, press and hold the Overview or Recent Apps tab.

  • Quick app switching

Previously, accessing your most recent apps required clicking the overview button followed by flicking through the list of recent apps. With nougat, double clicking the Overview button lands you into the most recent app used.

  • Data saver

In the Data Usage Settings or the new Quick Settings section is a new feature you can turn on to limit the data used by your apps. With this feature, your get to choose which apps will access data and which ones will not and how often.

  • Quick Settings

While Android 6 had the quick settings section, nougat has improved upon it to make it more useful. Most settings such as the battery and WiFi remain in the quick settings panel when clicked rather than taking you to the full settings area.

  • Clear all

Nougat aso includes the option to clear all open apps at once to free up RAM for faster work. Don’t worry, it won’t clear any info. The option is at the top of the recent apps which is accessible by pressing the Overview button.

  • Quick reply

In nougat, you will rarely dive into apps since you can fire away a reply right from the notifications panel. It’s great for productivity.

  • DPI changer

The DPI changer is basically a way of changing the look of the operating system in terms of the font and size of the icons. To access it, go to the Display Settings and locate the Display Size and adjust it as you please.

  • Silence specific apps

If you are tired of notifications pinging, vibrating or filling your notification area too much, then you are in for luck as you can long-press a notification to reveal settings on how you want it to behave.

  • Hamburger menu

Android never runs out of delicious names…like the hamburger menu. This is an alternative to the back key when you are in a submenu in the settings. Simply swiping right will give you the full settings panel.

  • System UI tuner

You can further tweak and change the look of the system user interface by going into the Quick Settings section in the notification area then long-pressing on the icon till you feel a vibration. You can do awesome stuff such as enabling the multiwindow mode by swiping up from the Overview button for example.

The 10 hidden features of Android 7.0 nougat

These features make it easy to use the Android operating system since they put the user more in control of their devices.

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