Why does my laptop shut down at 10% battery?

When you often observe a laptop shut done at 10% battery, there is a long list of causes as to why this is the case. It could be a hardware issue, a software issue, a battery issue or even your own power settings. Each of these issues has its own solution which should help you get back your laptop in working order. Here are the causes of this issue and their respective solutions. Read Also: Can I Leave my phone charging overnight?

Reasons for computer shutting down at 10%

Power settings: The first thing you should check for is your power settings. The reason the laptop could be shutting down that way maybe because you or someone else set it to shut down at 10% battery level. You can check for that by right-clicking on the battery icon to check the power plan. If this is the case, you can rest easy since it is not an issue to worry about. Change the settings as appropriate. Read Also: Five Key Smartphone Charging Mistakes You Must Avoid

laptop shut down at 10% battery

Software: The other reason why the laptop could be facing this issue may be the software. It could be that your computer has a bug that is affecting the battery and hence the random shutting down. You can fix this by running a system check using a genuine antivirus. Uninstalling and reinstalling some programs on the suspect list can also do the trick.

Hardware: The hardware of your computer is another issue that can lead to shutting down with a percentage of 10 or thereabouts. One issue is the terminals between the battery and the laptop. If there is an issue with them, the laptop may shut down at my time even when the battery is fully charged. This is because power may be cut short each time the connection is not consistent. You need an expert to check and correct the laptop terminals given their delicate nature. Another hardware issue may be the wiring of your laptop’s internal components. In this case, the loss of delivery of power to a given component can lead to random shutting down of the laptop.

Battery: Besides the issues mentioned above, the battery itself can also be an issue causing the sudden shutdown. This is often the issue you will face when either the battery is old or you have replaced it with a new one. For an old battery, it could be that it loses charge so quickly that the laptop shuts down once in the lower percentages of charge. For a new battery, it could not be original, in that it also discharges too quickly to sustain work once the battery is low. Again, you will need to rule out any other issues that might be causing the sudden shutdown before you come to a conclusion.

As seen here, there are a lot of suspects as far as the laptop shut down at 10% battery is concerned. It could be due to many different factors all of which need to be ruled out before you find the solution for the issue.

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