Various Ways on How to Connect your PC or Laptop to the Internet

Hello everyone. We are going to look at various ways on how to connect your PC or laptop to the internet. Just but briefly, the internet has been a great way by which we outsource information and data for our own personal use or for our other day to day life including learning, business, and work. The internet is a source of information and creates an avenue for interaction between people, businesses and also giving us vital information for research purposes. Currently, many people are taking online courses just from different institutions without necessarily having to go to those particular institutions. You can even take a course and have an exam just from the internet.

With smartphones, it is easier to connect to the internet since you only have to buy an internet bundle or an internet subscription from your mobile service provider. But with computers, it is quite a different scenario. Computers don’t support SIM cards and so you cannot connect your computer to the internet through the same way as smartphones do. Computers have large screens, powerful processors and large internal storages to store data. This makes it very important to have your PC or laptop with internet. Computers also have special programs to open certain applications and documents like PDF, zip and rar files. But how do you connect your computer to the internet? I am going to show you various ways on how to connect your PC or laptop to the internet.

Various Ways How to Connect Your PC or Laptop To Internet

There are various ways on how you can connect your PC or laptop to the internet. I am going to highlight each one of them. Depending on your financial ability and computer features and properties, you will decide which one is best suitable for you. Also, read our article on How to browse the internet for free without internet connection on a smartphone

Routers and Ethernet cables

Ethernet cables are long cables that come in different colours which are used to connect computers to the internet or to share internet between different computers. Ethernet cables are connected to internet routers. Routers are electronic devices that are built to share internet to computers.

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They have Ethernet ports which are used to connect Ethernet cables between them and computers. To connect the internet from your router to your PC or laptop, you need to connect Ethernet cable from your router to your computer’s Ethernet port that is always found at the back of the CPU if you are using a desktop, and the sides of your laptop just beside the USB ports.

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Wi-Fi is a new modern generation way of connecting devices to each other wirelessly. With WIFI, you can share files between or among devices that support WIFI. It is fast and very efficient since there is no cabling involved. For you to connect your computer to the internet through WIFI, You need to have a WIFI network to connect to. You can get WIFI networks in schools, institutions, workplaces or public places. Most of these networks are secured and it is not easy to connect to a secured WIFI network unless you are a hacker. And also, some of the open networks are not always safe to connect to. So, you need to be careful about which network you are connecting to. You can also connect to a WIFI network from your router. Some routers also support WIFI. They support both WIFI and Ethernet cable. I want to make it clear that some of the laptops don’t support WIFI. You can only connect your laptop or desktop to a WIFI network only if it supports WIFI. If it doesn’t, then you can either connect to a WIFI router through Ethernet cable as mentioned above, or there are WIFI dongles which are sold locally and you can buy one and insert it into a USB port on your computer to have your computer WIFI enabled. If you can’t afford a router or you can’t get any WIFI network, you can create your own WIFI network using your smartphone by creating a WIFI hotspot. After that, connect your laptop or PC to your phone’s hotspot and connect your computer to the internet. Remember this way, you will have to have internet bundles on your mobile phone first and your data connection enabled.


Modems are small flash disk-like devices, that are connected to a computer to connect it to the internet. There are various models but all serve the same purpose. It is easy and simple to use a modem. All you have to do is insert a SIM card inside the modem. You can open the modem by sliding the lid backwards with your thumb. Insert the SIM card and then connect to your computer through the USB port.

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You will need to install it if you are plugging it in for the very first time. The installers are always provider just within the modem and you can run the installation just quickly. Having bought the internet bundles on the SIM card, all you have to do is connect your modem and start surfing the internet. Modems come with specific carriers depending on mobile providers in your country. But these days we have universal modems that you can use with any SIM card regardless of the service provider.

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Mobile phone USB tethering.

Smartphones have changed the way we do things. We share data from our phones to computers and vice versa through USB data cables. Besides that, you can connect or computers to the internet from our smartphones through USB tethering. USB tethering is a feature o smartphone that allows you to share your mobile phone internet to your computer.

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All you need is a USB data cable, your smartphone and your computer. This method is the best method for those whose computers don’t support WIFI. Connect your smartphone to your computer through the USB data cable. On your smartphone, go to settings, tethering and hotspot, then USB tethering. Enable it by clicking on it. On your computer, you will see an internet connection being established down on the toolbar. Make sure you have internet bundles or an internet subscription on your phone. It works pretty fine. The downside is that it can only work on one computer and you can’t use this method on multiple devices.

Fibre Optics and other internet services from internet companies.

Depending on which country you come from, you can apply for fibre optics internet distribution from companies that provide these services. Usually, this service is offered depending on the bandwidth and the internet bundle you are applying for. You can check these rates from your particular service provider. Usually, fibre optic companies supply internet to their customers depending on the zone in which you are and which areas their services are available. It is usually cheap and very reliable but it is limited to accessibility because some areas are not accessible by these services. You will be charged according to your kind of subscription and bandwidth and internet speed you have applied for. This way, you can have the internet at your home and connect your PC or laptop to an internet connection. With this service, you can connect as many devices as you want and if you are running a cyber business, it is actually the best way ever.