Top Best Ways on How to Remove Password from PDF

Welcome again dear readers. Have you ever encountered a problem with opening a protected PDF document? Let us look at the Top Best Ways on How to Remove Password from PDF. In our entire life as we interact and use various documents to convey information from one point to another, we encounter documents in different formats one of them, is PDF documents. Because of the need to be discrete in sharing information, some people tend to encrypt PDF documents with passwords.

A password protected PDF document can only be opened, read, printed and edited by the password by which it was encrypted. If you have ever encountered or downloaded a password protected PDF document and were not able to open it, worry not for you are going to learn something from this article. Read also: JPG To Word Conversion With High Accuracy and Without Retyping. There are various ways through which you can solve this problem in case you come across it. Let us look at Top Best Ways on Which to Remove Password from PDF.

Top Best Ways You Can Use To Remove Password from PDF Document.

There are several ways you can go about on How to Remove Password from PDF. Read through them and you can decide on which method can work well with you.

  • Remove Password from PDF using Adobe Reader Pro.

You can remove password from PDF documents using Adobe Reader. Remember that you need to get the latest version of Adobe Reader Pro for your computer to be able to perform this action. Download and launch Adobe Reader Pro. If you already have some PDF documents on your computers, you will be able to see them displayed. If the specific one you want isn’t listed, Go to “File”, then “Open” where you will have to choose the folder where your document is located. Or rather, you can search for your document in the search bar above. Also Check: How to protect Your PDF Files in a PDF Reader

C:\Users\Technology Sage\Pictures\Adobe PDF.JPG

After you have found the PDF document you want to remove password, now go to “Permission” The properties dialogue box will open then click on “security.” Now you can change security settings and disable the password then save the PDF now without the password.

  • How To Remove Password From PDF Using Wondershare PDF Password Remover.

You can also remove password from your PDF document using Wondershare PDF password remover software. You can search for this software online and download it. Launch Wondershare PDF password remover.

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Click on the “Add Files” button to add the particular encrypted PDF document you want to decrypt. Now, check in the “Item” column. If you see a padlock icon, then this means that that particular document is protected from copying, editing and making a print copy of it. If no padlock is shown, then this means that this particular document is protected from reading only or has an open password. This will require that you enter the password before you click the “start” button at the bottom corner.

  • How To Remove Password From PDF Using Google Chrome.

Does this sound funny? Google Chrome is not only just a browser for browsing the internet, but you can read PDF documents too if you don’t have a software to read PDF documents, Google Chrome can do the work for you. You can also remove passwords from PDF documents using Google Chrome. To start, drag and drop the specific password protected PDF document into Google Chrome tab. Now, after that is done, click on the print icon. See the picture below.

how to remove password security from pdf

Click on the “save” button and save the PDF file separately in another folder where you can now be able to open and read this PDF file without password.

  • Remove Password On PDF Using Pdfelement 6 Professional

Another method on how to remove password from PDF is by using PDFelement software. You can search for this software and download it online. Launch PDFelement. Drag and drop your protected PDF in the software’s dashboard. Dialogue boxes will popup telling you that the file is protected. Now click on “Enable editing” button immediately above it on the right. Click now on the “Protect” button and just below the protect button, click on the “Password” tab.

A password security dialogue box will appear. Disable the permission settings by clicking in the permission box to uncheck it. Click “OK” at the bottom.


It is not guaranteed that all the above mentioned methods will work. It is normal when you miss a feature or two more so on the Chrome and PDF Adobe Reader Pro. The two methods are highly dependent on the versions you are using. In the coming article, I will show you have to protect PDF document with a password. Thank you and stay tuned.


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