JPG to Word Conversion with High Accuracy and without Retyping

The technology behind JPG to Word Converter is the Optical Character Recognition technology (OCR). This technology is used by both the OCR software. OCR software helps to scan and to compare the stored characters in the text. This software makes the work easier because in earlier days, you had to retype all the text from the image file which was such an uninterested task. Now, you can do this work at any time without wasting time. This software converts your document into the desired format like-Word (Docs), HTML, and the text formats. JPG to Word Converter is useful for all the people who do not want any kind of blooper in the data of an image file. It is a reliable software that it preserves the graphics, tables and the formation as present in the document.

In the contemporary computer society, JPG to Word Conversion has become very crucial with an increase in data and information.

Once you download the software, install it with the following instructions. Then, you can upload the image file and choose the output format which is “Word” and thus you check the option “Word” then continue with the conversion process. After the conversion process is over, click the “Save” button to save your converted file. For more information, you can visit this YouTube link

It is worth noting that sometimes the OCR software cannot perform accurate conversions thorough. This is based on the fact that a JPG image is made up of pixels. Therefore, it is rather problematic for OCR software to convert low-quality files accurately. Thus, the quality of the file to be scanned should be high to avoid this inconvenience. The most fundamental aspect of the OCR software is that it offers the maximum output features and formats than any OCR software present in the market today.

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Benefits of the Software:

It supports text recognition in at least 40 languages – More than 40 languages are supported and recognized by the JPG to Word Converter. This software can convert PDFs, images and any scanned document in any supported language. In the process, it also maintains that language’s styles and fonts. These supported languages are Luxembourg, Turkish, Byelorussian, Russian, Ukrainian, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Dutch, Brazilian, Galician, Portuguese, Icelandic, Czech, Hungarian, Greek, Polish, Slovak, Catalan, Basque, Scottish Gaelic, Serbian, Slovenian, Finnish, Bulgarian, Estonian, Macedonian, Lithuanian, Albanian, Afrikaans, Irish Gaelic, US English, French, German, Spanish, UK English, Italian, Croatian and Romanian.

It secures files using watermarks passwords – The converted documents are watermarked and further enhanced with passwords all provided by the JPG to Word Converter. The watermarks prevent illegal distribution of files, whereas passwords ensure that no unauthorized person can copy or view your document content.

It preserves tables, text, Layout, and graphics contained in a document with one or many pages – This software can accurately reorganize and recreate complex layouts in various input formats from faxes, photos captured using the phone and digital cameras, legal documents, designs and documents containing tables. This software supports all main multi-page files, for instance, PDF, GIF, TIFF, and ICO etc.

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Automatic detection and correction on orientation, skew, rotation and tilts in input PDFs and images – The software can automatically detect rotated, tilted and skewed documents and correct them. In addition to this, the software can reconstruct broken characters and texts for better recognition and accuracy to give out the best quality. The software can scan files from a scanner too. Hence, you can use the software to scan files directly by use of a scanner.

It is vital to select the appropriate OCR software to use – Differences in terms of quality exist in each of the OCR software. The low-quality OCR software can give out a terrible experience since the output can produce characters never seen before. The bugs in the low-quality software are responsible for this output. Such low-quality software sometimes converts the file partially. Therefore, checking the quality of the OCR to Word conversion software is quite significant for better quality output.


After knowing the features, I would suggest this software to all the people who have a daily task of converting the document, because it is a bit laborious job to find the genuine software with multiple benefits at one platform. JPG to Word Converter helps a lot to make your work error free.

About the Author:

This Guest post is written by Ankit Nagpal, he is a software developer and a writer. He is an expert in the domains of printing, scanning, image editing, file formats, file conversions & document security. He is also the owner of a software company “Soft Solutions” that develops software in those domains.