Top Best rated Video Downloader Apps for Android Phones and Tablet

We all get to situations where we love that funny video so much we want it for a laugh later on but there is no direct way to download the video to your device. Thanks to video downloader apps for Android, you can securely have the video on your device all for free. If you are in such a situation, here are six options worth considering.

Note however that you are not limited to these options. These are just but among the best, we could find currently available for Android devices. Both android phones and android tablets.Top Best rated Video Downloader Apps for Android Phones and Tablet

Video Downloader Apps for Android

  • YouTube Go

Although YouTube Go launched with some weaknesses, its current version is promising to provide direct download of YouTube videos to one’s device. This neat version is still in beta in India but will eventually make it to the final version all across the world.YouTube Go

  • Free Video Downloader (FVD)

With more than 10 million users the world over, Free Video Downloader is definitely a favorite for those who want to download videos from websites. Although it does not download YouTube videos, it offers various features such as downloading multiple videos at once, choosing the video quality before downloading and so on. It is as free for all users.Free Video Downloader (FVD)

  • Download Manager

With a premium feel to it and some payments needed, Download Manager can be used to download just about any file type at incredible speeds. It comes with support for Java scripts, webpage videos and HTML5 videos. Even better is the knowledge that you can integrate it into all services on Android device including Facebook and Google Plus.

  • Android Video Downloader

While YouTube is the site with the most videos, it’s not the only one in that regard. As a matter of fact, you can get many quality videos from the other sites using apps like Android Video Downloader. This app allows you to download videos in various formats such as HD, 1080p and even the powerful 4K quality. It has great traditional speeds and only your data package will limit its speed.

  • Full Video Downloader

One of the best video downloader apps for Android is Full Video Downloader. It features a deep integration with all Android web browsers with a focus on making it super easy to download a video. As one of the most popular video downloader apps, the app comes with an interface that is easy to use on any Android device.

  • Fastest Video Downloader

Yes, it is probably the fastest video downloader app available on the Android platform. It comes with great features such as resuming the download process after you’re interrupted say by an internet disruption or power outage. It also has the standard video downloader features such as showing the progress of your download and others.

One could have noticed that few of the apps on this list support the downloading of YouTube videos. If you cannot access such apps, use YouTube’s offline video feature to save videos offline for about 30 days. The apps that can do this always come in handy especially Download Manager which is a reliable solution even for the other major mobile and desktop operating systems.

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