Three of the Best Apps to Install On You Fire Stick

So many people are tired of cable. They are tired of being forced into packages they have to pay a lot of money for but only get a handful of channels they actually watch. It just doesn’t make sense. Why pay for 500 useless channels just to get used out of 15 of them?

That’s why all of those people are starting to cut the cable.

Thanks to the Fire Stick from Amazon, you can watch all of your favorite shows without having to pay $100 a month for it. All you need to watch TV is the Fire Stick, an HDMI-compatible television, and a Wi-Fi connection to the Internet. That is why this little device is so great to take on trips – you can use it virtually everywhere!

There is more to it than that, just from a setup standpoint. To watch your favorite TV shows and movies, you can access them from your Amazon account; any content you have bought or uploaded to the cloud can be accessed by your Fire Stick. But it can do so much more.

By installing additional apps, you can turn your Fire Stick into an all-around entertainment center. Here are some of the best apps for you to install so you can enjoy so much more!

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Do you want to hop on the Internet and surf the web without the need to get up to get your smartphone or laptop? Firefox, one of the most popular, open-source web browsers is available as an app that you can install into your Fire Stick (even the names compliment each other).

Using the Android version of the app, you can finish watching a show then look up the actors on the Internet and see what else they starred in. You could also check out your Facebook messages or Instagram likes before getting into the next episode.


This great app allows you to watch movies and TV content, not just from your Amazon account, but from many other sources across the World Wide Web. If you live in America but you enjoy British TV shows or Japanese anime that are not available in the States, Kodi can access it for you. The app allows you to bypass geographical filters set by Internet providers to view this global content.

Even though Kodi is an awesome means of viewing content that you would otherwise have no access to, it is not available in the Amazon app store. You will have to jailbreak your Fire Stick in order to sideload Kodi onto it.

TuneIn Radio

The TuneIn Radio app can give you thousands of radio channels to listen to. Plug your Fire Stick into the TV, turn on the surround sound, and find yourself a station to jam to! Prefer a certain type of music? TuneIn Radio has nearly every genre of music available.

Would you like to listen to your favorite sports team instead of watching them (there are people who are more audio-oriented), lay back and enjoy the colorful commentary and background crowd.

If you want to listen to an opera performance or audio drama (radio shows that were big before the creation of television), there are stations devoted solely to these. You can also listen to experts debating different subjects on the variety of talk radio stations you can access.

Your Fire Stick is a powerful tool for entertainment. With it, you can stream local content as well as foreign. You can listen to any type of music or radio station you choose, and you can search the Internet for even further enjoyment.


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