The Rise of AI Content Marketing Technology

The number of internet users in Kenya has steadily increased to 43,329,434 by June 2017 according to the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA). These astonishing figures have resulted in an increase in the popularity and effectiveness of content market across all industries.  Where online-based marketing has once been the exception, it has become one of the most powerful promotional approached globally. Artificial intelligence is changing the face of content marketing at break-neck speed with machines being able to study algorithms that are permitting marketing experts to easily grasp huge amounts of data and thus deliver improved customer experiences.

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Automatic content generation

AI enables content marketers to automatically generate basic content for stories such as sports results, stock market updates and weather reports.  On an international scale,renowned companies such as Fox, Yahoo, and Associated Press have been making use of automated content generation for years already. Chances are you unknowingly come across this type of content every day, blissfully unaware that it wasn’t written by an actual person. AI content generators take current content and rewrite it to create fresh-looking content. The content can originate in a number of places including on social media platforms and in community-based forums. Content and keyword tools further aid content marketers to find content that can either be rewritten or referenced when creating original content.

Real-time client engagement

Content marketing has become extremely interactive over recent years with chatbots featuring on an increasing number of platforms. Nothing is quite as off-putting to a client or potential client as the inability to reach a customer service representative. A chatbot is basically a computer program that makes use of AI to copy conversations with users. One of the most popular examples of such a chatbot is the ever-popular Facebook Messenger that can be utilized to carry out virtual conversations with users, addressing concerns and answering questions in real-time. Messenger can also be used to send pertinent promotional content to users that initiate an interaction on the platform. AI-powered chatbots learn the various types of queries clients have and formulate suitable responses that enhance the overall client experience significantly.

AI can facilitate better marketing

AI makes it increasingly easier for marketers to shift their focus to customer care by addressing any areas of concern immediately. Creating content that is specific to each client has become a priority for content marketers for quite some time. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to manually achieve. The personalized experiences that are made possible through AI make both current and potential clients feel increasingly at ease and more likely to pay for available products and services. There are a variety of tools available to content marketers such as OneSpot that utilizes AI to help create personalized experiences, boosting all marketing efforts.

In our ever-evolving it is imperative to stay abreast of any latest technological developments if we want to achieve a competitive edge. By making use of AI technology you can can easily incorporate your content marketing into effectual promotional strategies.