Review of the Best Spy Apps for iPhone

In the age of the internet, a lot goes on as far as our mobile gadgets are used. For, the same internet built to help us make our lives easier makes life difficult for some through cyberbullying, time and resource wastage and many other deviations from the primary purpose. For that reason, a lot of users have resorted to spy apps and other types of spy software which allows them to monitor in real-time their targets without the latter’s knowledge. We put together a list of the best spy apps for iPhone basing on their reliability, cost, and ease of usage.

  • mSpy

mSpy is clearly the best spying app for your iPhone. It works with various versions of iOS from 6 to 8.4 if your iPhone is not yet jailbroken and, for jailbroken devices, you will need iOS 9.0.2 to use it. With this app, you can monitor and remotely control various aspects of your target such as their multimedia files, GPS location, calendar, WiFi networks, internet use, messaging apps, emails, instant messaging (IM) apps, calls, and many others. With customer support available 24/7, mSpy has your back.

  • SpyBubble

Another spying app for the iPhone that could easily take the number one spot is SpyBubble. Like the other major names on the list, SpyBubble works behind the scenes in that no one will know that you are spying on the activities of their devices. You can then access the web interface for the device you are tracking without raising an alarm. The reason we give SpyBubble such a high ranking on our list is that, even when the person you are spying on deletes messages, you are still able to access the same messages on your end. This and the ability to spy on all their content (calls, messages, contacts, location) makes it a joy to use.

  • MobileSpy

MobileSpy wraps up our list of the best spy apps for iPhone. Let not its rank in the third place dupe you into thinking it is a poor choice for your spying needs. It is as good as the others owing to the number of features packed into it. A simple app that works without being noticed or slowing down the target’s device is what you need for this purpose and MobileSpy does exactly that.

What makes a spy app great

There are many spy apps for Android and iOS out there. However, the best are what we have on our list. These apps made it to our expert list due to the following;

  • Ability to work in the background without alerting the target.
  • Real-time monitoring if activities on the target device.
  • Accuracy of the GPS and other location services.
  • Access to the largest amount of data from the target’s device such as email, browser history and others.

This list is all you will ever need when it comes to the best spy apps for iPhone. They too have Android versions.

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