Nigerian Invents First Generator That Runs On Water

Can you imagine a Generator that runs on water? Well, stop imagining. The problem of power outages is a common one in most parts of Africa. Most homes resorting to other forms of renewable energy such as Solar Energy and some do try out simple homemade electricity that in most cases ends up not working or becomes redundant over time.

Still dwelling on electricity, while authorities in Nigeria continue to seek lasting solutions to power outages and blackouts. Twenty-six-year-old Emeka Nelson may have found the light at the end of the tunnel.

Generator That Runs On Water
Source: ChannelsTVNigeria

Generator That Runs On Water

Motivated by the death of his friend caused by generator fuel poisoning, Emeka decided to produce a generator that runs on Water. Is this mission impossible or is it one that could attract global attention? Let’s Find Out.

Nelson is not a certified engineer. He was born under a tree in the village, struggled to read in elementary school, worked as a house help at age five, has no university education, yet he dreams of making a positive worldwide impact. Unlike a religion Nelson’s devotion is wholehearted. For 16 consecutive years, he has committed himself to making his dream turn to reality. He wanted to make a generator that runs on water.

Most of the materials for making his generator were sourced from junkyards. His first prototype exploded when it was tested. This cast a shadow of doubt on this project. After years of toy, is here is a calm moment. One night in his laboratory he says he got his design right and his generator finally worked.

Source: ChannelsTVNigeria

Specifications of a Generator

Nelson says his generator has a maximum output capacity of 1000 watts and his voltage fluctuates between 220v and 240v. He says a liter of clean water can power the generator for six hours. It has zero-emissions and it’s environment-friendly. For 6 hours, the generator would power different household appliances that fall within its 1000 watt capacity.

Nelson might just have developed an alternative to full steam engines which contribute to global warming that nobody has been able to do. He might as well have just started a journey to providing solutions to problems limiting development across some African communities.

Nelson has produced the prototype of his ideal power generator. He said his dream is for the generator to be in millions of homes across the world. Right now the prototype is undergoing tests and evaluation. Its now a game of wait and see. All in all, there is talent in Africa, can’t wait for this technology to be Commercialized.

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