Simple HomeMade Renewable Electricity system

In the modern day power is very important for any activity we are undertaking and thus the need for Simple HomeMade Renewable Electricity system. We need electricity to light up our home, power up many home appliances and a majority of industrial work depends on this power. Due to increased rate of inflation, the cost of power has relatively risen up and a majority of medium income earners are finding it difficult to meet this cost. Hence the need to make renewable home made energy.
No need to Worry anymore. Here comes a lasting solution. You can make and produce your own electricity to power up your home at a relatively low cost and no maintenance cost required after setup.

How to Make Simple HomeMade Renewable Electricity system

  1. Two DC motors (1 and 2)
  2. 12Volts Dc Battery
  3. DC to AC Power inverter
  4. Connecting wires
  5. Diode


Simple HomeMade Renewable Electricity

  1. Connect DC motor 1 to the DC battery as shown at point A with the switch at that point switched off.
  2. Using a rope, connect the wheel of Motor 1 to the wheel of Motor 2. Remember you have to find an appropriate way to stage the two Motors firmly on stable stands and strategically placed such that the its possible for the wheels to be connected.
  3. Connect the power inverter to Motor 2 as shown at point C. You can use a voltage regulator at that point to help stabilize the current from Motor 2 to Power inverter.
  4. Using a bridge rectifier diode you can also convert the AC power produced by the DC-AC power inverter into DC and use this current to power the motor 1 and hence keep the system running.
  5. Switch on The switch at point A.
How it Works
When you connect the DC battery to Motor 1, the wheel of Motor 1 rotates, this in turn rotates the wheel of Motor 2 hence DC (Direct Current) is produced by motor 2. The current produced by motor 2 is then directed to the DC-AC power inverter through a voltage regulator, the inverter converts the DC to AC and there you have the power you need.
To keep the system running, we have to keep motor 1 running using power produced by Motor 2. Remember to use a bridge rectifier diode to convert the AC power produced by the DC-AC power inverter into DC and use this DC to power motor 1 and keep the system running.
Come to think of it, you can connect the wires at B direct to C and remove the battery and the system will still run. In short, the battery is just used to get the system running. It is very self sufficient. You can use the power to power your computers, charge your laptops and smartphones without worrying about black outs or brown outs. There you have it, Simple Home Made Renewable Electricity. No more stress. Enjoy 🙂

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