How to increase video memory on a laptop with Intel HD graphics

The need to increase video memory on a laptop with Intel HD graphics is always an issue when carrying out heavy tasks such as playing games. The Intel HD graphics card, unlike other graphics cards, is an integrated graphics solution which uses the system RAM as memory. For this reason, it competes with the rest of the processes on a computer for the available RAM. This largely limits its capabilities since the RAM of any computer is always a limited resource. Read Also: How to Expand RAM on android phone and Tablet.

This sharing of resources limits the effectiveness of some aspects such as games. Given also that the Intel HD graphics will limit the amount of RAM a given device can use, it may become hectic as the graphics allocate itself less memory than what a game requires. However, Intel HD graphics are some of the cheapest and most convenient to use given its design. The limitations brought about by the need to share the RAM with other system requirements can be easily solved if you know how to deal with it. In solving this issue, there is a list of steps you should follow for the best results.Increasing dedicated memory

Checking the amount of dedicated memory

The very first step is to check how much memory is already dedicated to the Intel HD graphics. This way, you can tell whether it is enough for the game or other tasks you need it for. To do this, you need these steps:

  • Right-click any empty area on your desktop to bring up a menu.
  • Selection the Screen Resolution option.
  • Choose the Advanced Settings option to access the next menu.
  • You will be presented with a window of the details of your graphics. To find the amount of dedicated memory, check the Adapters tab where you will know the amount of RAM memory dedicated to the graphs card.

Once you have seen how much memory is dedicated to the graphics, it is time to increase it to the required memory from your game or activity.

Increasing dedicated memory

The first step towards increasing the amount of dedicated memory is checking whether you can do so through the BIOS of the computer. If possible, follow these steps:

  • Turn off your computer then start it afresh. As it starts, enter the BIOS settings by pressing either the F2, F10 or Del as given by the motherboard guide.
  • Either in the Advanced Settings or Chipset Configuration, you will find the settings for graphics memory allocation.
  • After setting the needed memory amount, save the settings by pressing the F10 function key.

If your laptop doesn’t have this option in the BIOS settings, you can follow the instructions below:

  • First, you should update the game to the very latest version. If there are any patches for the game, install them too and try to see if the game still works.
  • The last resort is to search the internet or read a guide on your game to see if there is a way to allocate more memory to the game or other programs available.

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These methods should help you increase video memory on a laptop with Intel HD graphics.

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