How to Increase performance of computer and laptop

I got an email from one of my readers who wanted to know How to increase performance of computer and laptop
We can all agree that there’s nothing boring as a computer with low performance and low speeds. Everyone always wants to find out How to Increase performance of computer and laptop so that they function at their maximum possible speed. In this article, I will highlight seven simple steps to follow to ensure increased performance of your computer, laptop, PC or desktop running on windows 8,  windows 8.1 or  windows 10

Steps: How to Increase performance of computer and laptop
Disable screen saver.
Disabling the screen saver helps a lot in improving speed and performance of a computer. At the home
screen or desktop, right-click on the desktop and select personalize. Then on the bottom right of the pop up window, set the screen saver to none.
Disable start-up apps
Start up apps are those apps that start automatically when the system is started. Disabling those apps
increases performance of the computer. To do so, open the task manager either by right clicking on the tool bar at the bottom of your desktop and select task manager or press CTRL+ALT+DEL and select task manager, or search for it directly. When it opens up and you don’t see the menu bar at the top, click on more details. Navigate to start-up then disable all apps that are not system required.
Registry tweaks
Registry tweaks help increase performance too. You just need to download the zip file, extract it and run the
application therein. The zip file can be downloaded on this link. As simple as that.
Set power options.
Go to the power options setting either in the control panel or just right-click on the battery icon in the bottom right corner of your screen and select power options. Set the power option to high performance. Setting your power plan to high performance will increase the power consumption of your battery and at the same time increase
performance. It is therefore advisable to only do this when you are plugged in.
Disk cleanup
Performing a disk clean up regularly eases the pressure on the disc space and hence higher performance. To do this, go to My computer or This PC for windows 8.1 users, right click on the local disc (C;), select properties and click on Disc cleanup. What this does is basically to remove junk files and update files and this will not harm
your computer. When prompted, select all the files that will appear in the dialogue box and press ok to delete them.
Disable animation
Animations increase the usage of the display graphic and this slows down the performance of the system.
To disable windows animations in windows 8 or windows 8.1, go to Setting, then change PC settings, navigate to ease of access, then turn off Play animations in windows.
Scan and update PC
Scanning eliminates Trojan or unwanted malware from your PC that might have been casing the slow in
performance. Broken shortcuts and temporary files are also removed. To do this, just open the Windows defender, you can search for windows defender directly from the windows search service or find it in the control panel. Go ahead and update the windows defender and then finally Perform a full system scan on your

That is How to Increase performance of computer and laptop. I will attach a video below for the steps explained above. You can watch it for clarifications.


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