How To View Photos Of Private Instagram Accounts Without Following.

If you love sharing photos and viewing them on social media, then, Instagram is the way to go. Instagram, besides Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter, is used by people in millions around the world. It is a social media platform where users all over the world share photos and videos publicly. Today we want to look at How to view photos of private Instagram account without following, but just briefly, let me shade some light on what Instagram is used for to the benefit of those who have never used it before. First, you start by creating an account with Instagram. Here, you provide information about you together with the login credentials you will use as username and password. Read Also: How to Run Multiple WhatsApp Accounts on a single Android phone.

After creating an account, you can upload your pictures and videos on Instagram from whichever device you are using be it a Smartphone, a tablet or a computer. You are now set. You can now see photos of friends and relatives or other people by following their accounts. To be able to do so, you have to select “Follow” on the account of the person you want to keep in touch with.View Photos Of Private Instagram Accounts

Though not so widely known, Instagram is now spreading roots in the current society. Developers have now come up with Instagram applications where you can download on your Smartphone or tablet and use it instead of the Instagram web. Now, let us learn how to view photos of private Instagram accounts without following. Read Also: WhatsApp Tricks; How to use WhatsApp Without Any Mobile Number.

View Photos Of Private Instagram Account Without Following

If you are an Instagram user, you certainly know that to be able to see photos of a particular account, you have to be following that particular person on Instagram. Right? As I have mentioned previously, to follow a particular person, just click “Follow” on his or her account. With this, you will be able to see photos of the account user every time they post a new photo. You can also see the number of followers he or she has and those following at that particular moment. It is just easier to use Instagram. But for privacy purposes, many people are snooped around by strangers, boyfriends and ex-girlfriends who follow every activity and photos they post. Because of this, Instagram has got a feature where one can secure the privacy of content on his or her Instagram account by putting it into the private mode or setting it as a private account. This leaves you with this question: “How do you view photos of a private Instagram account?” Is there a way to do so? The answer is “YES.” Let us look at some of the ways by which you can view photos of private Instagram accounts without following that particular account.

First, you have to understand that private accounts’ content can only be viewed by followers only. If you are not following, then you can’t view photos of that account user until you follow.

The first method involves disguising yourself as someone else. Here, you just have to create a new Instagram account. You can create a new account and disguise as a man that is I the user is female. If the user is male, make a new account as a female. Then follow them with this second account instead of your main account.

The second method involves downloading an app that will mask you up. Download this app from here: httpp:// Then select “Click here & access it now.” Key in the search space or the name of the profile you want to view then select “View” profile and then be patient and wait or the program to finish the search. It will then bring you the private Instagram account you searched and there, you can view photos of that account without following. You can do this or any other account you want to see without following.

The third and last method, is to ask to owner of the account in the kindest of a way to simply approve your request to follow her, Remember this way, you will have shown that you really are a gentleman or lady who is respectful and this might just move him or her to approve your request to follow that particular person. Be kind, soft-spoken and respectful. Give valid reasons why you want to follow them and make sure they are reasons worth someone accepting to let you through. Use magic words. It might just do miracles. Best of luck.

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