How To Unlock Android Without Losing Data

Today we are going to learn about how to about How To Unlock Android Without losing Data. With the advancing technology we are having now, smartphones have revolutionized the way we do things every day. The mobile technology has made life easier and manual methods of communication a thing of the past. Now, we can communicate with almost everybody across the globe at just a touch of a button. We now can chat through text messaging, whatsApp, send pictures from one person to another, socialize on social media and send messages through email services. Our phones are our cyber cafes in the palm of our hands.

As always, things always go wrong. With security settings on our smartphones, we can set security codes in the way we like. We can use PIN codes, passwords or patterns to lock our phones from preying eyes. Sometimes we can forget our security locks at some point. In whichever way, losing or forgetting your security code can be very costly. It is important to remember or set a security PIN code or pattern that you can always remember. In a case where you forget your security code, the only way to remove it is to format your phone, meaning you have to do a phone reset. This will in turn erase all your personal data and files in case you haven’t backed them up somewhere. This is so saddening isn’t it? Here is just some good news. You can unlock android without losing data. Yes you got me right. You can unlock your android smartphone without losing data.

How To Unlock Android Pattern/PIN Without Losing Data

As I mentioned earlier, the only remedy to forgetting your android smartphone unlock codes is to hard reset your phone. This comes with a price for you will lose everything you have on your phone memory unless you backed up your data and files on an external drive like an SD card, flash disk or external hard disk. But now, there is a way on How to unlock Android smartphone without losing data. Am going to show you how to unlock Android without losing data. First you need to have a software called miracle box. Just like OX-Sage Software, Miracle box software has got a lot of features as you will later realize that there are a lot of features you can use with this software. To start, download Miracle box software and its drivers. You can find this software online. Download and install the drivers. It is very important. If you are not sure how to install drivers, Read: How to install drivers on windows 10 PC/Laptop.

After you have downloaded miracle box and install the drivers successfully, reboot your computer to initiate the drivers to start working properly. Remember to download the drivers for your PC that is if it is 64 bit or 34 bit. You can check this in your computer’s properties. After that is done, extract the zip file you downloaded in a folder. Mostly, your anti virus will delete or find this software being harmful. Don’t panic because it is normal. If you don’t trust this software, you can disable your antivirus. After you have extracted miracle box zip, you will see files like these ones below. The version of miracle box am using for this article is miracle box version 2.27.

C:\Users\Mr. Priest\Pictures\Miracle box 2.27 A.PNG

Now, from the picture above, you can see the two files in red. Miracle Box and Miracle Loader 2.27A. Right click on Miracle Box Loader file and run it as administrator and wait for it to load and open.

C:\Users\Mr. Priest\Pictures\MB 2.PNG

Now, after you have opened miracle box, at the top, as shown in the picture below, click on “Android” then click on “Read pattern” then click the start button. It is important to note that make sure you download miracle box with start button. While searching for miracle box in your browser’s search bar, include the word “with start button” otherwise you will download one without the start button. But you can check our article on how to activate Miracle Box start button. So, the start bar should be active for this to work.

C:\Users\Mr. Priest\Pictures\MB 3.PNG After clicking the start button, now, connect your phone to your computer via USB cable. Remember your smartphone should be ON. Or if this doesn’t work, you can switch your phone OFF and try while it is switched off. Miracle box will start looking for your phone and automatically connect to it. Pattern reading will start. Now, you should be very attentive here. For pattern locks, miracle box will not display your pattern as you usually draw it on your screen. It will display it as a code in number form. The dots that connect your pattern as you draw it on your phone screen are usually nine in number. Therefore, the results displayed by miracle box will be a code of numbers between 1 and nine. The first first button from the left on the top is 1. The second is 2 then the third on the top right is 3. The first dot from the left in the middle row is 4, followed by 5 in the middle and 6 on the right. At the bottom, the first dot is 7, followed by 8 in the middle and 9 at the right on the bottom row.

C:\Users\Mr. Priest\Pictures\Screenshot_2019-01-23-00-14-39.png

So, as seen from the picture above, if the result displays your Pattern code being 2587, then it means you draw your pattern from dot number 2 down to 5, 8 and left to dot number 7. If you are not using a PIN instead of a pattern, then the numbers you are using as your PIN will be displayed. All you have to do is now key in from your phone to unlock your screen now.


Miracle box is a handy mobile solution tool. Remember to search for miracle box loader only. Remember to have miracle box drivers installed correctly on your computer. If miracle box isn’t connecting to your phone, then it means there is a problem with the drivers. If you are having a problem installing your drivers because of driver signature problem kindly read: How to solve driver signature problem and install drivers on windows 10.

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