OX-Sage Android and Feature Phone Flashing & Tweaking Software

We introduce to you OX-Sage Software. An Android and Feature Phone Flashing & Tweaking Software. For many years, people have been researching extensively trying to find software that can flash virtually any type of phone available. But many searches finally hit brick walls and reached dead ends since it was very hard to find this kind of software. It was not until recently that we introduced OX-Sage software.

Having tested OX-Sage on many phones, both feature phones (non- smart/phones with buttons), and smartphones, its results have just been miraculous just like its name “OX-Sage.”

What you can do with OX-Sage.

OX-Sage software, unlike Odin, Sp flash tool and other software, can do a lot more than just flashing ROMs. Below, I have outlined some of the things you can do with OX-Sage. See for yourself from the list below:

  • OX-Sage supports many chipsets like: MTK, SPD, Qualcomm, Blackberry, Mstar, CDMA, Coolsands/RDA, Huawei, Samsung and LG.
  • You can use OX-Sage to flash a new firmware/ROM on your mobile.
  • This one is just amazing. You can even extract firmware from a phone be it a smartphone or a feature phone. This could be important say, you are looking for a certain phone’s firmware or ROM and you haven’t found it online and you have a friend with the same model, you can borrow his phone, extract the firmware and flash yours with it!!!!
  • Remove security locks like passwords or pattern both from smartphones and also feature phones.
  • Read security PIN. If you have secured your phone with a security PIN and you don’t want to format it, you can simply read your pin using OX-Sage and know what your PIN is to unlock your phone without losing your files.
  • Read information about your phone.
  • Unlock network.
  • Unlock Boot loader.
  • File unlock
  • Read anti-theft if you have forgotten yours.
  • Change/Write IMEI number on your phone.
  • Root and Unroot your phone.
  • Open USB debug on your phone.
  • Read pattern.
  • Clear anti-theft.
  • Remove FRP on Android phones.
  • Read network code.
  • Format both smartphones and feature phones.
  • Read phonebook.
  • Reset user code
  • Restore boot.

As you can see from above, OX-Sage is just unstoppable. You can do virtually everything and flash all kind of phones using this software. It is easy to use. Ones you get OX-Sage on your PC, then many of your mobile problems are all gone! Yes gone! Gone for good. What’s good is you can use it for business as well.

How to Download OX-Sage Software

This is a premium software and it has taken developers a lot of time to put it together. We are therefore giving it away at a small fee. With this Purchase, you will get to download a zip file containing the OX-Sage software, drivers for all windows versions, and video tutorials.

NOTE 1; some antivirus programs might detect this software as harmful because it is a tweaking software, but it is harmless to your computer. To install the drivers, you need to Disable Driver Signature Verification.

You can Buy the software using M-Pesa mobile money. 

  1. Go to M-Pesa on your phone
  2. Select Lipa na M-Pesa
  3. Select Buy Goods and Services.
  4. Enter Till Number As; 985552
  5. Enter amount as Ksh 1,199 and send
  6. Once done send the M-Pesa confirmation code to [email protected] and we will revert with a download link as soon as possible.
  7. NOTE: use Buy Now option below to pay with PayPal
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