How to Uninstall Windows 10 Updates From your Windows PC/Laptops

These are technological revolutionary era. Be it a mobile phone revolution, or computer revolution. From windows 98, to now windows 10. Microsoft has really done a great job in updating its windows Operating System. The new window 10 comes with many features and a great interface compared to other previous versions. If you are using earlier versions of windows Operating System, yes, maybe you have your own reasons. But there are many reasons as to why you should migrate to windows 10 Operating System. Read Also: How to view WiFi password on windows 10.

Windows has made sure that windows 10 users receive the newly released updates which contain great features and security patches to its customers as soon as they are released. These updates are released more often and automatically update in the background without users recognition. This is good to keep your computer in perfect condition and ensuring your machine’s security every time. Isn’t it? But this is not always good for some reasons.

This is because there are some updates that you may not like or you just simply don’t want this daily updates that brings little change or no change at all to your Windows 10 OS yet they cost you greatly as far as internet cost is concerned. Many times these frequent updates might be a thorn in the flesh more so if you are a kind of a user who is quite economical with your data bundles. If you are running a cyber café and your machines are operation on Windows 10, it will not escape your notice that you are spending more on buying internet subscription since your machines update automatically without you noticing. This will cost you much because these updates are bigger files. Let us look at how to uninstall windows 10 updates from your Windows PC/Laptop.

How to remove or stop windows 10 updates from windows PC and laptops.

If you want to prevent these windows update on your windows 10 PC, then follow the following steps to completely stop these updates from downloading in the background. Carefully follow the following steps to stop windows 10 updates on your windows 10 PC or laptop:

  • Press the windows key on your keyboard to access your computer’s dashboard.
  • Click on the settings, an icon that looks like a gear cog on the left side of the list of apps.
  • This will open the “Windows Settings” which displays all the settings of your PC or laptop.
  • Now on the windows settings panel, navigate to “Updates and Security.” Here is where you can view your updates and change how you want them to update.
  • On the “Updates and Security”, you will see the available updates and their status. That is, if they were downloaded or pending download. You can be able to see what update were they and how big they are by checking the size of the update file (the size is shown in brackets).
  • Now, still on the Update and Security panel, you will see “Advanced Options” Click on it and that will take you to advanced options. Scroll down through the update options. If you want to turn off updates, turn of the switch on “Automatically turn off updates..” This is the second on the list. This will stop your windows 10 to automatically download and install updates to your windows 10 PC or Laptop.
  • If you want to uninstall the previously installed updates on your windows 10, go back to windows update panel where you got the “Advanced Options” and now click on “View update history.” Here, you will see the history of your updates. Click on “Uninstall updates.” This will remove the updates previously installed.

Now, that is How to Uninstall Windows 10 Updates From your Windows PC/Laptops. Updates now will be a thing of the past. But you can still enable them whenever you feel like by going through the same procedure again. And as you have seen, there are other many options you can choose from in the Windows Updates settings. Hope this article has helped you solve your problem. Remember to subscribe to this website and share it on social media.


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