How to Easily Root Infinix Zero 4 Plus Fast and Simple

The Tecno Infinix Zero 4 Plus is a relatively new smartphone boasting of many cool features. If you intend to root Infinix Zero 4 Plus, you will need to be aware of a few notable points first. For example, rooting your phone will make its warranty invalid. That means the manufacturer will no longer be liable for any issues you face. Then there is the risk of bricking your phone. Knowing this, most of us still want to have root access on our infinix zero 4 plus because the benefits of rooting your device generally outweigh the not rooting at all, especially if you like to experiment with devices.

Let’s get into the nitty gritty of rooting the Infinix Zero 4 Plus.Root Infinix Zero 4 Plus

Requirements to Root Infinix Zero 4 Plus

You need several pieces of hardware and software including;

Install TWRP Recovery Image on Your Device

After downloading the recovery tool from the link above, extract the zipped files to a given folder that you can recall.

  1. Launch your SP flash tool then load the scatter file from the folder in which you extracted the contents of the ZIP file.
  2. Switch off your device (which is disconnected from the computer).
  3. In the flash tool, click on the download button to start the download process.
  4. With your Infinix Zero 4 Plus still switched off, connect it to your computer using the USB cable from the manufacturer.
  5. If the PC has the vcom drivers correctly installed, you will see a red progress button which will end in a green one when the download process is complete. After that, disconnect the device from the PC as it will be correctly flashed.
  6. You can thus boot the device into recovery mode by pressing the power and volume up buttons at the same time to go to the next stage.

How to Root Infinix Zero 4 Plus

You have TWRP recovery installed, the next step is to install the SuperSU and you will have your Infinix Zero 4 plus rooted.

  1. Begin by locating SuperSU zip file from the downloads folder. Copy it into the internal memory of the phone.
  2. Boot your device into recovery mode as explained above (volume up + power button). In this mode, your navigation will be limited to using the volume up and down buttons and the power button with the latter serving as the selection tool.
  3. Select the install option then navigate to the location you where the SuperSU zip file was copied to in step one above.
  4. Select the SuperSU zip file and then wait till the installation process is complete. Be careful not to interrupt the phone during this process as it is the most delicate of all. Even if it reboots severally, just leave it that way.
  5. When completed, reboot your phone using the normal method of the power button.Rooted Infinix Zero 4 Plus

Just like that, you have been able to root Infinix Zero 4 Plus. You can confirm its root status by downloading a root checker from the Google Play Store. You can enjoy whatever capabilities your device will allow you such as side loading apps and other features.

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