How To Repair IMEI On Fonecom F18 Feature Phone

Hello. Today, I am going to show you how to repair IMEI on Fonecom F18 feature phone. Thank you for joining us and letting us all learn together. If you have never done an IMEI repair on basic keypad phones, then you will learn a lot more here. Kindly follow our mobile phone category to learn more on how to repair IMEI on mobile phones and more information on mobile unlocking. And one thing you need to know is that changing IMEI on mobile phones is illegal in most countries. Make sure that when you do this, it is all for the right reasons. We shall not take any responsibility for any illegal actions caused because of the information obtained from this article. You can also check our article on How to bypass FRP on INFINIX X559C.


There are various reasons why you will need to write or repair IMEI on a mobile phone. If your phone is displaying INVALID SIM even after inserting your SIM card and entering the correct SIM PIN, then you need to repair IMEI. After flashing your phone, sometimes IMEI can be erased. Also, for MTK basic phones, while formatting on Miracle box to remove the security lock, you will be required to repair IMEI. To check if your IMEI is correct or if it is existing, dial *#06# on your dial pad. Now, let us look at how to repair IMEI on the Fonecom F18 Feature phone.

How To Repair IMEI On Fonecom F18 Feature Phone.

Now guys, let us look now and focus on how to repair IMEI on the Fonecom F18 Feature phone. First, check if your IMEI numbers are correct or available as explained above. If they are not available, then it is a green light to proceed. If they are available but all are the same, then also it is a green light to proceed. Remember the last two numbers should be different. Before we start off, let us look at what we shall need in this procedure. If interested, also check how to Upgrade Tecno C8 to Android HiOS marshmallow.


  1. Windows Computer
  2. Miracle box 2.74 or higher
  3. MTK VCOM Drivers installed. (If not installed then you can download online and install)
  4. USB Data cable

Step 1

Now, making sure you have met the above requirements, Launch the miracle box tool on your PC. Please make sure to use version 2.74 or the latest version than that. On the miracle box, you will not see the option to write IMEI. This is because this option is hidden for it is illegal to write IMEI on mobile phones. So the Miracle team hid this option.

mira 1.JPG

But to find it, do this: Hold the ‘ctrl’ button together with ‘M’ at the same time (ctrl+M). IMEI options will appear.

mira 1.JPG

Step 2

Now, as we proceed with how to repair IMEI on the Fonecom F18 feature phone, let us see the next step. IMEI options are now available as shown in the screenshots above. Click on the ‘IMEI (switched on)’ option. In this option, we are going to connect the phone and write IMEI when the phone is on unlike on Android where you only write while your phone is switched off and in Meta mode. Click on the start button.

mira 1.JPG

Step 3

Now, with your phone powered on, connect your phone to the computer via the USB cable. Make sure that your mobile phone USB port is ok and can transfer data. After you’ve connected your phone to the PC, you will get two options on your mobile phone asking you to connect to the PC as a media device or com port. Select ‘COM PORT’ as soon as you connect as com port, your phone will be detected and you will see the IMEI numbers correctly written as shown in the screenshot below.



So, that is it, guys. That is the simple way how to repair IMEI on fonecom F18 feature phone. Thanks for visiting. Continue learning more from us by joining us on social media platforms and also see what others are saying on the technology sage forum, Remember also to subscribe to our blog to receive updates on our latest articles as soon as we publish them. Thank you and see you again in the next article.


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