How To Remove Right Protection on Removable Disks and Hard Drives.

Hello to you all our esteemed readers. Welcome to technology sage. Ones again, today, I would like to show you something interesting. Have you ever encountered a right protection problem on a hard drive, memory card, flash disk or any removable hard disk or pen drive? I am going to show you how to remove right protection on removable disks and hard drives.

Have you ever inserted a removable disk, pen drive or external hard drive to copy or transfer files from your computer and you are hit with a right protection error? It is very frustrating. You cannot do a file transfer to and from a right protected removable disk or external hard disk. I know what you are thinking. I know you are thinking of formatting the disk if the problem persists. Now, if you are thinking in that direction, then you will still end up sad. You cannot format or wipe a right protected disk! If you try to transfer files by moving them in and out of a right protected removable disk, this is what you get. See the screenshot below.

C:\Users\HP\Pictures\Remove right protection 1.PNG

C:\Users\HP\Pictures\Right protection.PNG If you try to format, that will not even help. Still you will not be allowed to format and wipe your disk clean. You still will get a right protection error as shown below.

With right protected disks, you can only view the content of what is on it. But you cannot transfer any files in or out of the disk. With this, if you want to do more with your external hard drive, flash disk or any other removable disks, then you need to remove the write protection. The following method is the best suitable method to remove right protection from removable disks and hard drives. Read on.

How to Remove Right Protection on Removable Disks and Hard Drives Using Command Prompt [CMD].

Command prompt or CMD, is a Microsoft Windows Command line that can be used to perform various tasks on Windows computers. With the right commands, you can format hard drives and external disks, you can remove right protection, install apps and software updates on smartphones through ADB, power on WIFI and create hot spot on your PC among others. In this case, we are going to learn How to Remove Right Protection on Removable Disks and Hard Drives using CMD.


  • Right protected external hard disk, memory card or flash disk.
  • Windows computer with CMD
  • Technical know-how on how to use CMD or Command Prompt.

Now, having verified that your removable disk or external hard drive is right protected, you should now move forward to remove the right protection using CMD or command prompt. You can also read our article about How to Find WIFI Password of a router connected to a PC using Ethernet cable.

Step 1

Search for Command Prompt or CMD and run it as administrator. Remember that it is very necessary that you run CMD as an administrator.

Step 2

After you have run CMD as administrator and you have launched it, input this command. Just as it is here. DISKPART. [Without the full stop.] Be patient for some seconds until you see DISKPART has appeared on CMD.

C:\Users\HP\Pictures\DISKPART 2.PNG

Now, after diskpart has appeared as shown in the screenshot above, type List Disk in the Disk part and click the enter button.

Step 3

The List Disk command will list all the disks both internal hard disk and any other externally connected disks. I would like you to pay attention here. The main internal hard drive is always drive number 0 [zero]. Other externally connected disks are numbered from 1 depending on how many of them are connected. Also, take note of the disk capacity to know which one is connected. Any mistake to select disk 0 will result in formatting your internal hard disk drive. So, be very careful.

C:\Users\HP\Pictures\List disk.PNG

Now, type ‘select Disk 1’ and hit the enter button on your keyboard. Remember Iam using Disk 1 because it is the only externally connected on my computer. If you have more than one, then take note of the disk number as mentioned above.

Step 4

After disk 1 is selected, of which it will show in the disk part, enter this command as it is in the diskpart and then hit enter button. ‘attributes disk clear readonly’ After you have done that. Right protection will be removed immediately and you can now exit CMD by typing exit.

C:\Users\HP\Pictures\disk attributes cleared.PNG


Be very careful when choosing your disk number. If you chose the wrong disk number, the results could be very catastrophic. You can always check the size of the disk to make sure you are choosing the right one.

This procedure is effective and has proved very effective over time. It is the easiest you can use. Follow the steps correctly as explained in the article. But this doesn’t mean it works on every disk. Sometimes it might not just work on some disks because of some reasons I personally might not know maybe because your disk is having some other serious issues. So instead of giving bad reviews, you can ask for guidance in the comments section below and we can try to help. Or rather, you can try to search online for other solutions

Thank you all for reading and God bless you.

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