How to Remove Payjoy on D Light M1000 Smartphone

Hello everyone. Welcome to technology sage blog where tech meets institution. In today’s article, I am going to show you How to Remove Payjoy on D Light M1000 Smartphone. If you are being troubled by the D Light m1000 payjoy lock on D light m1000 smartphone, then sit tight for you are about to learn on the best way on how to remove payjoy lock on your D light m1000 Smartphone.

Before we proceed further, I would like to make it clear that this article is strictly for education purposes only and should never, at any point be used for illegal purposes. Technology sage will not be liable in case you are caught by the authorities. D light, have been doing great by providing low class people with smartphones they can use and pay in daily installments. At least for this, I have to say that they have transformed people’s lives especially in Africa. Sometimes the problem comes when after finishing paying for your phone, you still get locked out by payjoy. If you are having this problem, today we are going to learn How to Remove Payjoy on D Light M1000 Smartphone

PayJoy and How to Remove Payjoy on D Light M1000 Smartphone

Now, maybe you don’t know what payjoy is. Payjoy is a system app installed on the D Light smartphone series that evaluates the user’s payment and secures the phone in case one has not paid so that he makes payment in order to use the phone. But sometimes people have complained of still being locked out even after finishing paying up for their phones. It is for this reason that I feel it is good to unlock payJoy on Dlight M1000 Smartphone. If you are still paying up for your phone, I would advise that you continue paying for your phone until you complete payment. If you have completed paying up but still locked out by PayJoy, then let us look at How to Remove Payjoy on D Light M1000 Smartphone


  1. Windows Computer
  2. D Light M1000 Firmware file
  3. D Light M1000 Download Agent file
  4. SP Flash tool
  5. MTK Bypass tool
  6. USB Data cable
  7. MTK Drivers installed.

How to Remove Payjoy Lock on D Light M1000 Smartphone

After making sure that you have met all the above listed requirements, now let us move to the next step. Carefully follow the following procedure on How to Remove Payjoy on D Light M1000 Smartphone. Make sure you keenly follow the steps shown exactly as they are. Now, if interested, you can also check my other article on How to Flash D Light M100 Remove PayJoy Lock.

Step 1

To start, first start by having the right required files. Download DLight M1000 firmware file on your PC. You can download the D Light M1000 Flash file from this link here. Unzip the zip file. Download also the D Light M1000 Download Agent on your PC too. Use this lick to Download D Light M100 DA file. Extract it on your phone.

Step 2

Now that you have the Dlight m1000 flash file and the Download agent, you need to now have the tools to help you flash these files. Download SP Flash tool. After that, download MTK Bypass tool. This tool is very important because it will help you by pass the Authentication so that you can flash this phone with the firmware you downloaded.

Step 3

After you are through with step 1 and 2 above, launch SP Flash tool. Load your D Light M100 DA File first. After that, now load the scatter file. Navigate to the DLight M1000 Firmware file folder you extracted in step 1. Load the scatter file on sp flash tool.


Step 4

Go to where you extracted the zip file to MTK Bypass too. If you did not extract, extract it and run it as administrator. When it launches, click on the “BYPASS” Tab.


Now, connect your Dlight m1000 to the computer via USB Data cable. MTK Bypass tool will detect your phone and bypass the Authentication security.

C:\Users\ABALA\Pictures\NOKIA 1270 2.4 1.JPG

Don’t disconnect your phone from the PC. Leave it intact.

Step 5

Now on SP Flash tool, go to the “FORMART” tab. Select the “AUTO FORMAT” then below it will automatically select “FORMART WHOLE FLASH” click the start button. Sp flash tool will format your phone as shown below

C:\Users\ABALA\Pictures\DLIGHT M1000 1.JPG

Step 6

After that, disconnect your phone from the PC and remove the battery and place it back. Repeat step 4 above to again bypass authentication. After you have bypassed authentication, now on SP Flash tool, go back to the “DOWNLOAD” tab. Click on the Download button. Let SP Flash tool to write the D Light M1000 file until it is completed.



After flashing this phone, make sure you repair IMEI before you power off your phone. After file is flashed, don’t reboot the phone. Repair IMEI first. You can Use Maui Meta tool v 10. If version 10 isn’t working, then use version 9. Thank you for reading. Kindly remember to support us by reading more of our articles and by following us on our social media handles.

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