How To Remove Password On Itel 2160 Feature Phone Using Miracle Box.

Hello dear readers. Welcome to our blogsite. Today we are going to learn how to Remove Password on Itel 2160 feature phone. Welcome and enjoy reading this article. First, this phone is a feature phone. But itel 2160 is not just a feature phone like others, but it is a feature phone built on the latest Meadiatek Chipset just like other Android phones. This is important because knowing a phone’s chipset will help you determine the method you are going to use to flash it.

Now that we know what type of chipset this phone is built on, I am going to show you how to remove Password on Itel 2160 feature phone. If you have this phone and its locked, Iam going to take you through simple steps on how to Remove Password on Itel 2160 feature phone.

How To Remove Password On Itel 2160 Feature Phone Using Miracle Box.

If you want to unlock itel 2160 feature phone, you are going to need Miracle Box Flashing tool. Miracle Box, over the years has proved to be a very powerful, efficient and reliable Chinese phone unlocking and flashing tool. In this tutorial, we are going to use Miracle Box flashing tool. The following are the things you are going to require on how to Remove Password on Itel 2160 feature phone.


  1. Windows Computer or Laptop.
  2. Locked itel 2160 feature phone
  3. USB data cable
  4. Computer skills.

Step 1

The first step you will start with is to start Miracle box flashing tool as Administrator. I understand that we have several versions of Miracle box. But you can just use any because any version of it will just work on this phone. In our article, Iam going to use Miracle Box version 2.82. On miracle Box dashboard, select MTK. As mentioned earlier in this article, This phone is built on MTK chipset. But its always already pre-selected. Under MTK, click on the “FORMART” button. The formatting option will formart your phone and remove password and other personal data. So, always remember to make a backup before formatting.


Step 2

Now, in this step, you have made a good advancement to this process. Now, remember when choosing format option, select AUTO. Formatting in safe mode is good but will in turn trigger a port error. The disadvantage of using the AUTO option is that more often you will end up with no network due to wiped IMEI number. But you can give it a try.

Now, presuming that at this point you have correctly followed the steps correctly, click on the start button below on Miracle Box Dashboard.

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Step 3

This is the last step. After you have finished step 2 above, Its now time to connect your phone to the computer and format it to unlock password on itel it2160. While the phone is powered off, hold the boot keys which are the call button and the button above the call button. While still holding those keys , connect your phone to the computer via the USB data cable. As soon as you hear the device connection sound, release the boot keys. Miracle box will detect itel it2160 COM port and format your phone as shown below.


Step 4

Lastly, the moment your phone is formatted, disconnect it from the computer, remove the battery and power it on. Your itel 2160 feature phone should boot up without password, as new as from the shelf. Most importantly, I would advice that you check for IMEI number. To check IMEI, dial *#06# to confirm if the IMEI numbers are correct and match those behind your battery. If they are not tallying, then you need to write them. You can read our article on How to Write IMEI number on Android MTK smartphones/feature phones using computer with SN writer tool. There are several articles I did on how to write IMEI. You can check them out on our website.

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