How To Read Unlock Code and Remove Unlock Code On TELCO T310 Feature Phone.

Hi dear readers. Welcome again to another one of our many intriguing articles. Today, we are going to look at How to Unlock TELCO T310 feature phone. Now, just to shed some light on this particular phone, I would say that this little feature phone is among the many Chinese generic phones. Though not common, this phone is a very rare phone. Flashing it will be a riddle had you not met technology sage, your friendly online technology website. This phone is not featured anywhere on the internet and by the time you read this article, it is the only article available online featuring this phone. There is no firmware online, no reviews, and totally no nothing but it’s a great opportunity to write something on How to Unlock and remove unlock code on TELCO T310 feature phone. Stay tuned and keep reading. You can also check my other article on How To Fix Support API 3 Problem on Infinix X559C smartphone

As I have said, this article is the very first on Telco feature phone. I am going to show you how to unlock TELCO T310 feature phone and soon, I am going to upload the first video on YouTube on how to Unlock TELCO T310 feature phone. The very first video about this phone.

How to Unlock and Read Unlock Codes On TELCO T310 Feature Phone

To unlock TELCO T310 feature phone, there are requirements you will need to have.

  1. Windows Computer or Laptop
  2. Miracle Box version 2.82 and above
  3. USB Data cable
  4. Technical computer-know how.

Step 1

Open or launch Miracle Box Flashing tool. In this article, I have used Miracle 2.82. After Miracle box is launched, on the dashboard, click on the SPD button. Because this phone is built on Spreadtrum chipset.

C:\Users\MR PRIEST PC\Pictures\TELCO 1.PNG

Click on “Rd Unlock”.

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Step 2

Now, this is the most vital step. You need to choose the correct CPU type. If you chose the wrong CPU type, you will get Bootloader Error ID. This will keep happening as long as you keep choosing the wrong CPU. Click on the drop-down arrow to choose your CPU type. This phone, TELCO T310 is built on Spreadtrum 6631E. Scroll down through the CPU types and select 6631E SP.

C:\Users\MR PRIEST PC\Pictures\TELCO 1.PNG

Click on the Start button.

Step 3

Now, you will need to connect your phone to the computer via USB data cable. Switch off TELCO T310 and remove the battery. Place it back. Hold the boot key shown below. Connect your phone to the computer.

C:\Users\MR PRIEST PC\Desktop\TECHNOLOGY SAGE ARTICLES\20200424_130615.jpg

Miracle box will detect your phone’s serial port and read the phone, analyze the data, and then display the unlock codes as shown in the screenshot below. Use those unlock codes to unlock your phone.



Something you should note is that even after you select the correct CPU type, miracle will stop reading the phone and still display a Bootloader ID error. There is no cause for alarm. Just keep trying and make sure that your USB data cable is perfect and in good condition. You should also consider changing the ports and use a different port. Also, make sure you are holding the right boot key.

I managed to extract the firmware file for this phone. You can Download TELCO T310 Firmware file here. The file is in bin format. You can use Miracle box to flash bin files.

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