Hello guys, welcome to technology sage. Today I am going to show you how to How to Fix Support API 3 On Infinix X559c. If you are reading this, then most certainly you are encountering this issue. To just be frank, I am a big critic of Infinix smartphones. I don’t know what usually happens to the Infinix software department, but the design is quite awesome. The latest models are quite great with their design size and display but they only get it wrong with the software part. If you are having the latest models ranging from the X557, then you are prone to encounter issues with the software resulting in a total brick, boot mode or boot loop. Read also our article on How to Unlock Android Without losing Data

With this particular phone, Infinix x559c, there is a software issue many have encountered especially when performing a hard reset. Usually, the Infix XOS chameleon logo will flash on the screen and just below the screen, you will see the SUPPORT API 3 message. This will persist even after rebooting the phone. According to my experience with this phone, I even flashed a new and compatible ROM but still, the phone got stuck on boot mode just displaying the INFINIX logo and not booting up however long you wait. Now, if you are encountering such a problem, put your stress aside. I am going to show you How to Fix SUPPORT API 3 on the INFINIX X559C smartphone.

Simple Way On How to Fix SUPPORT API 3 problem on Infinix X559C smartphone

Now, until this point, I don’t know how you have got to this problem. But I presume you have been trying to hard reset your phone and it just didn’t end up well. If you were only trying to remove the password by doing a hard reset, then, this process I am going to show you will certainly fix your problem. If you had been trying to remove FRP on Miracle box and you found yourself on boot mode and tried to do a hard reset and then, unfortunately, you got here, then relax, I am going to give you the answers to the question you seek. As in my case, I was trying to remove FRP on miracle box, it worked, but The phone just stubbornly stuck on boot mode. Either way, you got on SUPPORT API 3 problem, we all have one goal to achieve which is, to solve this problem and have our phone working as normal as before.


To solve the SUPPORT API 3 issue, you are going to have the following requirements:

  1. Windows computer
  2. Miracle box software installed
  3. Download SUPPORT API 3 fix files.
  4. USB data cable.

Step 1

After making sure that you have the above-mentioned requirements, Download and extract SUPPORT API 3 fix files from the link provided. The files are in the zip. So make sure you have a tool to extract it. Either WinRAR or 7zip will work. It’s only a 20mbs zip file. So don’t worry so much about your internet bandwidth. The zip file contains a few bin files and a scatter file.

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Step 2

Now, after step 1 is completed successfully, open your Miracle Box tool and run it as administrator. On the dashboard, click on the “WRITE” button. This means that you want to write the files you have downloaded and extracted in step 1 above.

C:\Users\MR PRIEST PC\Pictures\INFINIX X559C 1.PNG

Click now on the folder bellow at number 2 to load your file on miracle box as shown in the screenshot above

Step 3

Upon clicking on the folder, you will be prompted to load your file. The one you downloaded in step 1 above. Now, hoping you saved it in a directory you can remember, navigate to the directory you extracted the file and load only the scatter text file as shown below.

C:\Users\MR PRIEST PC\Pictures\INFINIX X559C 2.PNG

Click on the “open” button to load your file on the Miracle box.

Step 4

Click on the “START” button to start flashing the files on your phone. Switch off your Infinix x559c by holding the power button. Or if the phone keeps rebooting automatically, you can remove the battery casing and disconnect the battery connector to the motherboard. But I would only advise this method to only professional technicians only. Connect the phone to the USB cable. Miracle Box will begin to write the bin files on the phone be patient as the process goes and don’t move the phone or interfere with the process.


After the process is done, power on your phone. Infinix X559C will now power up and automatically enter the recovery mode. I know until this point you are now smiling since it is the point you really were dying to get to. Now, of course, you know what to do. Simply reset factory settings and reboot the phone. Let the phone take its time and it will boot up with the first phone settings. Complete the initial phone set up procedure and your Infinix will be up and running. That is how to Fix SUPPORT API 3 problem on Infinix x559c.


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