How to Manage Android SmartPhone on PC /Laptop Using Wondershare

Welcome again. Have you ever thought of managing your android smartphone on your Windows smartphone hands free? Then this article is just going to help you make that happen. Interesting. Isn’t it? For quite some time, there have come several phone management tools. But only a few provides you with the full functionalities they were meant to give. Everyone would want software that is convenient and can give them the results and performance they expect. But before I proceed further, first I would like to let you what a phone management tool is. Read Also: Use Android Phone to Control Computer or Laptop through Bluetooth

A mobile phone management tool is a computer software that you can install on your Computer, that enables you to fully manage your mobile phone without necessarily having to physically touch it. In simple terms, I mean that with a phone management tool, you can connect your smartphone on your PC or laptop and perform almost all the functionalities you could perform on your phone. There are a number of these phone management softwares available. Only few of them are worth but many of them are either too sophisticated or just don’t walk the talk. The best I have ever come across are: Airdroid desktop client which enables you to manage your Android phone on your computer and also has through the web. Secondly, there is another known as My phone explorer. This one, just like Airdroid, you need to have an Android application to communicate with the mobile app. You can link your phone with your computer in several ways of connections. You can link using USB cable or wirelessly using Bluetooth or by WIFI. Lastly, we have Wondershare. Both softwares are good and hold their part of the bargain. Today, our main focus is on Wondershare. In the coming articles, I will give you details about those others.

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How to manage Android smartphone using Wondershare

Wondershare smartphone for PC enables users to manage their smartphones on their computers. This software has many features that enable one to operate and manage their phones by connecting to the PC using a USB cable. First, you have to download the desktop client, install it on your PC. Then connect to the phone via USB cable. For there to be communication between the phone and Wondershare software, you have to enable USB debug on your phone. To do this, on your smartphone, go to Settings, then go to “about phone,” go then to “builder’s number,” and tap on it simultaneously until you see a notification that ‘you are now a developer.’ Now, touch the back button to go back on the settings. Now you will see “Developers Options” On developer’s options, enable USB debug. After you have done that, now connect your phone to your computer. Wondershare will now connect with your phone. You will be prompted to choose between IOS and Android depending on the phone you are using. Wondershare supports IOS too. That’s the best part of it. After your device is connected, you can do almost anything on your phone. Read also: How to use Android as a Bluetooth Wireless speaker for pc

Things that you can do with Wondershare:

There are a lot of things you can do with Wondershare. Wondershare is typically your smartphone in your hands.

  • Manage call logs

You can check and see your call log on your PC or laptop. You don’t have to grab your phone from the charger to see who called. Just open the call button on the dash board and you will see the call logs. See who called, the calls you missed and those you made. Scroll down and browse through your call logs from the latest to the recent ones. If you wish, you can make a call but you will have to speak from your phone’s mouthpiece.

  • Manage text messages

Still connected to Wondershare, you will get access to all your text messages on your Android smartphone or Iphone. The most amazing thing is that you will not only read text messages, but you can also reply to them. This is just amazing. You don’t have to take your phone to have a chat with someone via text. All you have to do is chat using Wondershare.

  • Manage apps

You can also manage your apps on Wondershare. You can install apps to your phone and uninstall them. View app on your phone, both third party and system apps. If you are rooted, you may be able to remove some of the system apps.

  • Manage phone book

Easily manage your phonebook. Scroll through your contacts, edit them, save contacts and even delete those you don’t need on your phonebook. You can also send text or make a call to a contact from your phonebook.

  • Access pictures, music and videos

Access all your media files with Wondershare mobile management tool. You can view your music content and play or delete them. You can do this for videos and pictures too.

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  • Root your device

If you have not rooted your Android phone, you can root it with a built in root tool.

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  • Recover lost data.

If you had mistakenly deleted a file, a picture, a document or a video that you feel was important, don’t panic. You can recover lost files on your phone storage and also on your external memory. This feature is a premium feature and will require your phone to be rooted.

  • Manage your space on your phone

View all the contents of your disk storages, both internal storages and external storages. You can view root storage too but only if you are rooted.

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  • Other features

Other features you can get on Wondershare are: Air mirror feature. This feature helps you to cast the screen of your phone on your computer. You can also install apps in batch. You can backup data on your computer, you can restore your previously backed up data, and you can view your device information, back up your contacts to Microsoft account, email and also restore them.


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