How to Use Android as a Bluetooth Speaker for pc/Laptop

Are you a tech enthusiast? Let us look at how to use Android as a Bluetooth speaker for pc. Gone are the days where cabling was the sole way of connectivity. Long gone are the days when computers were meant solely for basic computer proposes. Computers of this generation are technically made to suit in this world of technology which is quickly growing by every sunset and sunrise. Smartphones these days are quickly taking over the world! It seems like everyone everywhere got one! Equipped with wireless radio chips like WiFi and Bluetooth, internet connectivity, wireless mobile transfer and mobile phone entertainment is fun. New generation PCs and laptops are also up for the game. Read Also: How to connect iPad to TV wirelessly without Apple TV

Manufacturers also realized the many benefits that come with wireless features on computers. They have decided to incorporate wireless radio chips for Bluetooth and wifi in computers. With many Bluetooth enabled electronics being produced these days, it has been easier to play music on Bluetooth HiFi systems, pill speakers, subwoofers and many more. With a Bluetooth enabled phone, you can wirelessly connect to a Bluetooth music system and play your music or watch your movie on your android phone or tablet, or any other Bluetooth supported phone and have a rich quality sound play wirelessly on your Bluetooth supported music system. But still, have you realized you can play music on pc and have your phone act as a wireless speaker? Let’s look at how to use android as a Bluetooth/wireless speaker for pc.

use Android as a Bluetooth speaker

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Use android as a Bluetooth/wireless speaker for pc using soundwire.

There are reasons why you might want to attempt this. It can just be for testing purposes, or maybe your pc speaker has malfunctioned. But in both cases, this article will be very helpful. Let us start. This also applies on Android tablets. They too can serve this function. There are a few apps available to give you this functionality. They are: Airfoil, Soundwire and WiFi speaker. So, in this article, let us centralize on Soundwire. Soundwire is a free app for Android. It comes both for Android apk and desktop pc client. Soundwire app is available both as a free app and premium. So, if you have just a few dollars, you can get the Soundwire premium app. Remember you are required to have a strong internet connection.

So, to start off, you will have to download soundwire on both android and pc. On your phone, download sound wire APK for android and install. On your pc, download Soundwire desktop client software, install and run it. Remember for this to work, you must have connected both your pc and android device to the same wifi network. Open soundwire app on your android phone or tablet. Then enter the server Ip address in the soundwire app. Then tap the wire coil button. When the wire coil glows, then it means you are connected to the Soundwire desktop client and you can play your music on pc and have your android act as a wireless speaker. If Soundwire doesn’t work well for you, then you can try the other two; Airfoil and WiFi speaker.

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