How To Flash Tecno Camon 18 P (CH7n) Clone Smartphone

Hello dear readers. I am going to show you How to Flash Tecno camon 18 P (CH7n) clone smartphone with tecno camon 18 P (CH7n) Clone Firmware file. Thanks for visiting again. You have been so supportive and so good to us by visiting our website and reading our articles. So if your Tecno Camon 18 P (CH7n) Clone smartphone is dead, or hanging on the logo, then this article is going to help you with how to flash Tecno Camon 18 P (CH7n) Clone smartphone hanging on the logo using Tecno camon 18 P (CH7n) Clone firmware file. Kindly make sure that you read this article to the end and follow the due procedures to the latter.


First of all, it is rare to find Tecno camon 18 P (CH7n) clone firmware file. This website is the first one to ever have Tecno camon 18 P (CH7n) clone firmware. This phone is Cloned phone. Cloned firmware files are rare to come by and I suppose you are glad this article is here. So if you have been looking for Tecno Camon 18 P (CH7n) Clone firmware file, then don’t worry. If your phone is dead and you want to flash it, then here is how to Flash Tecno Camon 18 P smartphone with Tecno Camon 18 P (CH7n) Firmware file. You can also check my other article on how to Repair IMEI on INFILEX X5 smartphone.

TECNO CAMON 18 P (CH7n) Clone Firmware File Flashing

Now, if you are having software issues where your Tecno Camon 18 P (CH7n) Clone smartphone in that the phone is stuck on logo, the phone not powering on, dead or Android apps stopping, then the only thing you need to do is to flash Tecno Camon 18 P (CH7n) Clone stock firmware on your phone. So today, we are going to learn How to flash Tecno Camon 18 P (CH7n) clone firmware file and fix software-related issues on Tecno Camon 18p. Before we proceed, there are things you will need to have.


  1. Windows PC
  2. TECNO CAMON 18 P (CH7n) CLONE stock firmware file
  3. NCK MTK tool/ Miracle thunder
  4. USB Data cable

Procedure On How To Flash TECNO CAMON 18 P (CH7n) CLONE Stock Firmware

So, considering that you have met the above requirements, now, follow the following steps carefully in order to flash TECNO CAMON 18 P (CH7n) clone firmware.

Step 1

The very first step is to make sure that you have your firmware file ready. Download TECNO CAMON 18 P (CH7n) Clone firmware file from this link. This file is a premium file and it is compressed. Extract the TECNO CAMON 18 P (CH7n) clone file on your PC and save it in a folder that you can easily locate.

Step 2

After Downloading and extracting the firmware file on your PC, it is now time to launch the flashing tool. In this case, you can only use the Miracle box or the NCK MTK tool. This file can only be used with those two. SP flash tool cannot load the files. In this tutorial, I am going to use the NCK MTK flashing tool. Launch NCK tool.

C:\Users\ABALA\Pictures\NCK 1.JPG

Step 3

On the NCK MTK tool, click on the ‘OPEN SCATER FILE’ button. This will lead you to navigate to the folder where you extracted the TECNO CAMON 18 P (CH7n) clone firmware file. Select the scatter text file and click ‘OPEN

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Step 4

After loading the scatter file, on the top left side, select and click on ‘WRITE FLASH’


Step 5

Now it is time to connect your TECNO CAMON 18 P (CH7n) clone to start flashing the firmware file. Remove the battery, connect the phone the PC without battery then insert the battery until you hear the device connection sound. As soon as the phone is connected, flashing will begin. Wait until flashing is done.


Step 6

After flashing is done, disconnect it from the computer, remove the battery and place it back. POWER up the phone. wait until it completes the first initial boot. Finish the start-up settings. Your phone will be fine and will work out fine without any issues.




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