How to Flash Infinix Hot S X521 smartphone

Hello dear readers. Welcome again to the technology sage blog site where tech meets institution. In today’s article, I am going to show you How to Flash Infinix Hot S X521 smartphone. Welcome ones again. If you have an Infinix or have ever had an Infinix smartphone before, you will agree with me that chances of running into a software problem with this particular brand are quite a normal thing. I don’t know if this has ever caught the attention of Infinix manufacturers but it has been quite a real concern for customers buying this brand. If you have an Infinix smartphone, and you are probably having issues related to software malfunctions, then this article on how to flash Infinix Hot S X521 smartphone might as well guide you on how you can flash your Infinix smartphone. If you got some time, check also how to repair IMEI on Itel it2160 feature phone and fix the Invalid SIM problem

Signs That Show You Need To Flash Your Phone.

Sometimes you might not be too sure what the problem is with your phone when it starts to function abnormally. But there are signs that when you see them, then they are clear enough to give you the green light that you need to flash your phone. To flash, in its sense, I mean flashing a new Stock ROM. The following are signs that indicate you need to flash your phone.

  • Dead mode-If your phone is not powering on and has not sustained any physical damage, and then it needs flashing.
  • Boot mode-If your phone sticks on the logo and does not finish booting up, then you need to flash it.
  • Boot loop- If your phone boots up to the logo then goes off and on again repeatedly, then it’s all green. Flash your phone.
  • Apps not working after hard reset- If even after a hard reset some system apps aren’t working, then it is an indication that your system is corrupted and you need to flash a new stock ROM.

Choosing the Correct Firmware Version For Your Infinix Hot S X521

Now, before you flash a new stock firmware for your Infinix Hot S X521 smartphone, you need to understand that there are many firmware files for your model online. But all in all, you need to have firmware that corresponds with your phone’s software ID. Flashing just any firmware file may destroy your phone and even permanently damage it. Remember there is a difference between X521 and X521S. Those are two different models.

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How to Flash Infinix Hot S X521 Stock ROM

The following steps will lead you on the correct way on How to Flash Infinix Hot S X521 smartphone. Carefully read through and keenly follow these steps to safely flash your Infinix Hot S X521.

Step 1

The first step involves identifying the correct software ID for your smartphone. As mentioned earlier, you need the correct software version that matches the one your phone is using. I don’t know what kind of software issue you have with your phone, but if you still can access the phone, just go to settings, and then about the phone, then go to build number and write it down somewhere. Now, that is the software ID your phone uses. Go to the internet and find the firmware version matching that software ID. There might be a slight difference but it is due to just an update. If you can’t access the phone, then you can use miracle Box, NCK, or any other software to read the phone software Id.

Step 2

After identifying the correct software ID for your phone, now then proceed to download your software. There are various sites you can download your software from. For example, the Infinix Hot S X521 that I am using for this article is X521-J5088A1-M-160712V14 the download link to this file is here. Download Infinix Hot S X521 X521-J5088A1-M-160712V14 here.

After you have downloaded your stock firmware on your computer, extract the zip file. After you have extracted the zip file, you will see your files with a scatter text document inside.

Step 2

After you have extracted your Infinix Hot S X521 Stock ROM file as described in step 1 above, you need to download flashing software that will help you download your stock Firmware on your device. For this phone, you will need an SP flash tool. But if you have miracle box, NCK, CM2, or software, you can use it too. For our phone, I have used SP_Flash_Tool_v5.2032. Download the SP Flash tool for your computer, extract the zip, and launch the application as shown below.



Now, it is time to load your Infinix Hot S X521 stock ROM on the SP flash tool. On the Sp flash tool dashboard, click on the “CHOOSE” Folder as shown below.

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Navigate to the folder where you extracted your Infinix Hot S X521 stock ROM. Open the folder and then select the scatter text file then click on open.


Your files will be loaded on the sp flash tool as shown below.


Step 4

Now, after you have loaded your stock firmware on the SP flash tool, the remaining part is now to download this Stock ROM onto your phone. To do so, on the SP dashboard, the clock on the Download button. The arrow is green. Now, switch off your phone or just have it go off because to flash a ROM on the phone it has to be turned off. Connect the phone to the computer via the USB data cable. SP will automatically detect your phone and will begin writing your Stock Firmware to the phone. Have the phone on a flat surface where it can’t be disturbed due to shaking or any kind of vibration. As soon as flashing is done, you will see a big green checkmark showing DOWNLOAD OK.


Step 5

After flashing is done, disconnect your phone from the USB cable. Power it on by holding the power button until the phone boots up. Wait as the phone loads the new system. This may take a few minutes. If it takes more than 20 minutes, then it means that the phone is stuck on boot mode and the firmware you downloaded does not match your phone.

After your phone boots up and it is done, just finish the initial setup settings and you will be able to use your phone without any software glitches.

Step 6

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