How to fix ‘Unfortunately YouTube Has Stopped’ Error On Android

Hello readers. Today I want to present a very interesting and important topic on How to fix unfortunately YouTube has stopped error. I don’t know if you have ever gone through the painful experience of this Android bug. If you haven’t, pray hard that it doesn’t happen to you. Because it’s a really painful thing you don’t really want to go through. If you are experiencing it right now, I know you have tried all possible means and reading this article is just good news for you. Probably you have tried everything and finally, you have thrown in the towel and now have decided to check for a solution online as your last kick of a dying horse and that your lucky star, you have found this article.

I don’t want to start mentioning the type of phones that this error is rampant, but the bottom line is, this android bug has been so common in newer versions of android certainly from higher versions of the Android lollipop to Marshmallow. First, it starts when you less expect. You are doing your own things on your phone, be it texting, or in the middle of that temple run game, you are hit with a pop up “unfortunately YouTube has stopped.” The next thing you do, which always everyone does, is to click “ok.” That’s when the drama begins! The pop up keeps on coming up in a matter of seconds. Leaving you desperate, and not able to do anything on your phone. If you have a phone with removable battery, you now simply remove the battery and take it back then restart the phone. If your phone has an in-built battery, then the panic escalates. After the phone boots and you input your simcard pin, then you still will move no more than a minute without seeing the pop up again which leaves you completely not able to touch anything. There are various ways this can be solved. Read more ahead.Unfortunately YouTube Has Stopped

Ways to solve “unfortunately YouTube has stopped” error

I have handled several phones with this problem. And on higher versions of Android, it just happens to be the YouTube app. There are some problems with other apps too. But in this case, we are very strict with the YouTube problem. It is very hard to pinpoint exactly the cause of this error. But there are a number of solutions I want to give that can help solve your problem. Don’t panic. I am sure one or two methods I am going to give will help you.

  • Remove the memory card.

There is a possibility that your memory card might be corrupted or is having erroneous partitions. This might cause a problem to those apps that have got a write access to your SD card. This might cause the applications to misbehave. So if you are having a memory card, Switch of your phone and remove the memory card. Boot your phone up again and see if the error still occurs. If it doesn’t recur, then I think you will have found the root cause of this problem. If it doesn’t help as it is usually in many cases, try the next step.

  • Perform a factory reset

Everyone doesn’t like this part. I don’t like kit either. But in situations where you are cornered a lot, I think it should be that desperate decision. If you can still access your phone’s settings, that if the interval between the pop up is long enough to enable you quickly access an item, perform a factory reset through the phone’s settings. Go to Security>>Backup and reset and then reset your phone to factory settings. Remember this will erase everything on your phone so, do a backup of your phone content before you do this. If your phone has a built-in battery, try so much to switch it off and perform a hard reset by long pressing the power key and volume up or down depending on the model you are using. Models like Samsung will require the power key+volume up+home button. This will bring a recovery menu where you should select “Wipe data factory reset.” After your phone has done a factory data reset, it will automatically boot. This may take a little more time. So be patient and don’t panic. After it boots, follow the required procedures to start using your phone. This should solve your problem. But on many occasions, it might not just help! This leaves you in a very desperate situation since many people think a factory reset is the last thing they will throw in. If this doesn’t help, try the next step.

  • Root your phone and uninstall the app

This one is the most effective and a lifesaver to this problem. This trick can do well if you have a problem with an app unfortunately stopped error. This will solve your problem of “Unfortunately YouTube has stopped” error. But this will require you to go through the process of having your phone rooted. Many times this error occurs with YouTube app that is a system app. System apps are those apps that come with the operating system and cannot just be removed. They are built in. Since it is the YouTube app causing us this headache, am sure you won’t mind even removing it completely and even use YouTube web. But you cannot remove this app without rooting your phone since it is a system app. So the first step is to root your phone. Rooting your phone gives you the ability to access root directory and other restricted features on your phone like removing system apps and making third-party apps as system apps. But before you do this, remember this violates the warranty validity of your phone. Here are some of the Benefits of rooting an Android phone.

The whole idea about rooting smartphones is so broad we can’t discuss it now, but you can read information from the link provided above. Now if we stick to our topic, there are several apps that you can use to root your phone. But the one I have used that has proved reliable is “Kingroot apk” Find and download Kingroot APK from this link: This app is easy to use. Just download, install, open and follow steps to root your phone. After you have rooted your phone, you will now require finding an app known as System App Mover which will enable you to remove system app by making them third-party apps hence enabling you to uninstall them. You can also make third-party apps as system apps.

After having done that, now uninstall YouTube app and then reboot your phone. This will fix your problem ones and for all. If this hasn’t helped or you totally cannot operate your phone because of this pop-up, try the step below.

  • Flash a new stock ROM

This step is never mostly considered. It is tiresome, complicated and risky but if it is perfected in the correct way, it will leave you smiling again. It is technical and you should have a technical know-how on how to flash a ROM on your phone. This method works because it is a replacement of your default ROM that might just be corrupted permanently. A new ROM overwrites the previous one and will fix your problem. You can search online for your phone’s firmware. You have to be very specific with your phone model. After you find your firmware, download it and flash it with a flashing tool, and in my case, I prefer SP Flash tool. Most firmware come with this tool zipped inside. In case it’s not included, Download it independently and install it on your computer. Unzip your firmware and use the flashing tool to flash the new firmware. After you successfully flash, be patient and wait for your phone to boot. The first boot is always slow. Read the flashing instructions for if it is not properly done, it can brick your phone. For more information, search online on how to flash a firmware.

Final view

My final word is that those three methods I have given you will certainly work for your case. Depending on how bad this problem is, certainly one among those three methods will help you on How to fix unfortunately YouTube has stopped error on Android. Try each one of them or whichever you feel is easier for you. I was not specific on the type of android phone, but regardless of the model, those procedures will help. If you have a problem of another app which is not YouTube having stopped, the same procedures will still work well. The Kingroot app I provided above works fine for Android lollipop and below but there are challenges on android Marshmallow (6.0) and above. You can root android 6.0 and higher using miracle box. I will write an article on the same soon. So, stay tuned.