How to Fix GPS Signal not Found Error in Pokemon Go

We will know How to Fix GPS Signal not Found Error in Pokemon Go in today’s article. For many, Pokemon Go remains one of the best games to ever grace their mobile devices. Indeed, the game is the most intriguing of the current crop of games owing to its use of augmented reality and other technologies to take the gaming experience to a whole new level. If you do not have the game yet, you can download pokemon GO apk file and install the game. The game heavily relies on one’s camera and their location services.

However, even with its popularity, the game is not without its fair share of issues. The one most reported by gamers is the GPS Signal not Found error. If you are among the few who have encountered this error, you have come to the right place. We detail out how to fix this error whether you use iOS or Android as your gaming platform.

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How to Fix GPS Signal not Found Error

How to Fix GPS Signal not Found Error in Pokemon Go

The steps below will solve the issue so that you can continue with your hunt for the rare Pokemon.

First, you have to ensure that the location services for your device are activated. Given that Pokemon Go is reliant upon the location services, they have to be active to fix this issue. When using Android, follow these steps to tune on location data; Settings > Location > Location Mode > High Accuracy. To do the same for iOS, go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services.

Make sure your WiFi is turned on. This can be done on both iOS and Android with ease. In Android, swipe down the notification center and click the WiFi button. In iOS, swipe from below to reveal the control center then turn the WiFi on. If you don’t have a WiFi network close by, find one and connect to it.

Chances are that you will be doing this indoors. For the best results, you will need to move to an outdoor location. It can be simply outside a building or on its balcony. GPS works better outdoors and this should help in fixing the GPS Signal not Found error. Make sure that your device is still connected to the WiFi network when moving outdoors or in the balcony. The error will eventually go away after performing these steps.

The reason you need a GPS service and Wi-Fi network is that WiFi networks are visible to GPS satellites flying overhead . When the satellite identifies the network, your device will also be identified with it thus jump-starting your device’s location services.

Alternative way to solve GPS Signal not Found Error in Pokemon Go

Besides that, some users have reported forcibly closing the Pokemon Go app then launching it again to get rid of the error. In Android, you can do that by clicking the Overview button (first one on the bottom right side of the device) and either click the X button at the top right corner of the Pokemon Go app or flick the app away from the list. In iOS, double click the home button to launch the list of running apps then flick the Pokemon Go app upwards and out of the list. Launch it again. If it doesn’t work, use the method above.

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