How To Download Facebook Videos on Windows computer

Hello readers. Welcome to technologysage. Today I present a very interesting topic about How to Download Facebook Videos on Windows Computer. As we always know, the technological world has been revolutionized. The world is now like a global village. Interacting with other people from different parts of the world has been made to look like child’s play. With the advancement in technology and the up rise of social media platforms, things have been easier. Email, Facebook, Instagram, Viber, imo, snap chat, Skype and many others, have made online interaction just fun. Now, we can chat through the internet, share pictures and videos, share our emotions and interact with one another in a very simple way. Those things that seemed so sophisticated, have now been made so easier that many people have flooded the online social media platform and continue increasing by day. One of the leading social media websites is Facebook. Facebook has over half a million people using it. On Facebook, many people can interact by chatting online, video calls, sharing ideas and every day’s social information, share videos and many other social activities you can think of.

If you are Facebook user, you might have at many points watched very interesting videos shared by friends on Facebook. Some are very fascinating that you wish you just had them on your device so that you could just watch them during your free time and keep yourself entertained whenever you need them. The challenge is, how do you download them? It is always a challenge to download Facebook videos. But not anymore. For Am going to take you through a method on How to Download Facebook Videos on Windows Computer for free.

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How to Download Facebook Videos on Windows PC for free.

This process is quite short and clear. I would like you to follow it keenly. Remember this is to be done on windows computer. I have not experienced with other operating system. But if you have a computer with a different OS, then you can try to follow up to see if it could work for you. Also Check: How to Download Videos From YouTube using these 5 Best YouTube Video Downloader Apps

  1. The first step is first open your Facebook account by signing in with your user name and password. If you don’t have a Facebook account, kindly sign up for one and find friends.
  2. After you log in to your account, go to news feeds or home. Scroll down and see if any of your friends has posted a video on his or her timeline or if there is a group which has a video posted or shared as public

C:\Users\Technology Sage\Pictures\Download facbk.JPG

Remember if the video is shared to Friends of Friends, you will not be able to download it. It should only be shared to public as seen in the screenshot above.

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3. Step 3, after identifying your desired video and confirming it is shared to public, place your cursor in the video and right click. Now, select “Show video URL”. After that, you will see a link on the top part of the video as shown in the screenshot below.

C:\Users\Technology Sage\Pictures\Dowload Facebook videos.JPG

Right click to copy the link. Or rather, press the Ctrl+C to copy the video URL.

4. At this point, you will have to open another tab in your browser. Enter this link in your browser in the newly        opened tab. Click the enter button or “Search” button to go to this website.

C:\Users\Technology Sage\Pictures\Download Facebook v..JPG

After you have reached the website, paste the link you copied in your facebook and paste it where it is indicated “Just insert a Link” bar. Then click enter button on your keyboard or click the green arrow.

C:\Users\Technology Sage\Pictures\Download Facebook videos.JPG6. The video should start downloading. If you are taken to another page where the video starts playing and doesn’t start downloading automatically, Right click on the video and select “Save video as….”Select the name you want to rename your video then click on the “Save” button. Your video will now download directly to your download folder.