6 Crucial Tips for Building a Chatbot for Long-Term Success

Chatbots are taking over many tasks to improve customer satisfaction, and it’s extremely important for your business to utilize them if you want to stay competitive in the market.

If you’re not into IT, you might be wondering how difficult it is to build a chatbot, how to make a Facebook bot, or what you should keep in mind while building it.

Well, you’ll be glad to know that it’s all much easier than it seems, and with platforms like SnatchBot.me, you don’t even need any IT experience to build a great chatbot that will have a significant impact on your business.

Still, there are some crucial things that you should keep in mind while building your bot, so let’s take a look.

Determine Your Goals

Before you even start building your bot, you should consider what your end goal is, and why your customers would want to use it.

If you’re thinking about how to make a Facebook bot, or how to introduce a bot to your website, you should always have your customers in mind first.

If this is your first bot, you should start small. There are many features that bots can have, and it can be overwhelming when you first start creating chatbots, so it’s in your best interest to go slowly.

Have in mind what your chatbot needs to do really well, and go with the minimum viable product approach. As your customers use the chatbot more and more, you’ll learn about the most common requests, the questions they ask the most, and it’ll be easier for you to continue developing your bot down the line.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that chatbots are not meant to replace human workers entirely. They’re supposed to allow your human employees to focus on more important tasks, and they should be able to work alongside humans.

Decide What Information Your Chatbots Will Gather

One of the main reasons businesses are employing chatbots is so that they can gather valuable information about customer preferences, their behaviors, and needs. The only way to gather this type of data is to ask the right questions.

Consider what information is the most valuable to you, and then design your chatbot’s questions in such a way that the users would want to share that information.

Some of the key data you might be interested in is zip codes for location-based services and recommendations, likes and dislikes of specific products so you’ll know what to focus on in future promotions or offers, and general shopping preferences and reviews of past purchases so that the bots can provide meaningful information.


While you do want your chatbots to gather valuable information, you don’t want to invade your customers’ privacy. Privacy and security are important design parameters when it comes to creating chatbots, so ensure that your bot doesn’t store any sensitive information.

You should provide complete transparency, and allow for all data that you store to be auditable.


Do artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and machine learning sound familiar? They should if you’re interested in knowing how to create chatbots.

Chatbots with the best AI that incorporate the features of machine learning and natural language processing can communicate naturally with humans, and when they’re designed well it’s difficult for people to know if they’re talking with a bot or a human.

Machine learning allows chatbots to learn from previous conversations, fix their mistakes, and improve over time. Natural language processing allows them to understand context and respond to unique questions.

AI brings this all together, and allows your chatbots to give accurate information to your customers, and respond to any and all requests for information.

Multi-Channel Presence

You can get in touch with your customers on any of the popular messaging apps by using chatbots with the best AI. They allow you to be present on all channels, enabling you to expand your business and reach wider audiences.

Learning how to make a Facebook bot is a necessity, since Facebook has the highest number of active users, and you should try to be present on as many other channels as you can.

The best AI chatbots can communicate with multiple customers on multiple apps simultaneously, without the need for additional manpower. This will allow you to improve customer experience with 24/7 support, and you’ll be able to cut costs on customer service.


You should always be aware of who your target audience is so that you can make the best use of AI with a chatbot. Design your bot in such a way that it uses the type of language that your target customers use, and let it be the voice of your brand.

Chatbots can have unique personalities, a good sense of humor, and even be sarcastic, and you can use them to let your customers get to know your business style and culture. Chatbots with some interesting quirks will make it easier for your brand to engage with potential clients and develop a relationship with them, making them into loyal customers in the end.

Chatbots are the future, and if you want to stay competitive you should utilize them. Keep up with the trends, whether it’s learning how to make a Facebook bot, staying informed about AI advancements, or educating yourself on NLP and ML. This knowledge will allow you to grow your business and ensure your long-term success.

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