How to Build A Eye-catching Website With Just Few Clicks

One of the most important things for getting people’s attention online is having an eye-catching website. It is fundamental to be able to engage visitors and make them stay on your page.

We navigate through many websites daily but in the end, we remember just one or two of them. Why is that? Because they were user friendlier and more eye-catching.

There are many ways you can get a fine website and contrary to what most people think, you don’t have to be a pro designer to put together an eye-catching website. On SITE123 you can get very sophisticated designs with just a few clicks. You can edit everything to your taste easily. Sound good? Let’s get started.


First, go to and sign up. You can either register with you Google or Facebook account or just enter your name, email address and password after you click on “START HERE”.



The second step in building your own website is selecting the category. When you proceed, the system will ask for some relevant information about your website. These will go into your template and will also serve registration purposes.



After choosing a category and entering information about your website, the platform takes you to the free website builder. This is where you will be editing your website, so take a look around and get familiar. It is very simple to use and you can’t miss it.

Decide what kind of website you want: is it going to be a one-page or a multipage website? Single page websites are good for long copywriting and sales pitches that use a lot of storytelling. Even though single page websites are trendier, multipage websites are classic and are what most users are used to. Make up your mind and pick one by going to “SETTINGS”> “WEBSITE TYPE”. You can also make any other important changes to settings there.



With everything in mind, you can edit your design by clicking on “DESIGN”. Start by choosing the layout you think looks better for the kind of website you are building. Menus on the side, especially on the left are better for more straightforward websites while menus on top are a little more eye-catching and seem to be trendier too. Second, choose the styles. See what colors match your brand identity and the images you will be bringing on later. Third, choose the fonts you will be using through your website. According to Design Modo, bid bold typefaces will keep on ruling because they fit well with other contemporary portions. Then, pick among the menu options which design you think would get more attention from the visitors so they can find everything they are looking for. Next, see what kind of footer is better for your website and then add a favicon and social images to your website.

With your eye-catching design laid down, just add your content by uploading your pictures and copywriting. You can also add and delete pages and other features as needed.



After you have made all the changes you wanted to your design and added all your content, go over all the pages of your website to make sure everything is in place. Review the images, links and read over everything while double checking typos, spelling mistakes, etc.

Now you can make your website public by clicking on the green button with a floppy disk inside right on the left side menu. As soon as you click and confirm, your website will be up and running!

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