How to Become a Fintech Developer in 2019

Want to learn how to become a fintech developer in today’s market? Learn the skills needed in this guide.

Commonly referred to as A.I., Artificial Intelligence is the application of technology that’s able to copy human decision making and patterns. A.I. uses large data sets and pattern matching to help solve the issues requiring human thinking.

Since A.I. is able to be used for innovative technology, learning it is necessary if you want to work with fintech companies that apply A.I. This includes driverless car company projects in Uber, Tesla or Google. For instance, driverless A.I. cars solve the issue of navigating a car safely throughout the streets without running into other pedestrians or cars.

A.I. has a lot of potential for applications that deal with financial risk. If you plan on working in hedge funds that have A.I. in financial markets, you will have to learn how to code A.I solutions easily and know how to do it for specific problems that occur.

And here, we’ll show you how to become a Fintech developer so you can become apart of the largest and most successful companies.

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How Can I Become a Fintech Developer?

Becoming a Fintech developer will help you play a hands-on role and get involved with the A.I. industry.

Start by learning a practical coding skill that fintech developers use. The most commonly used coding language is Python. Python is an open sourced coding language that is used by London financial engineers and on Wall Street.

Also, some banks use Python for smart data programming. If you know the language, you’ll find it easier to integrate with existing finance application systems.

Learn About Cryptography, Data, and Algorithms

After learning programming languages, you’ll have to understand cryptography, data science, and blockchain development. Since artificial intelligence algorithms are becoming more important, having a solid ground in deep learning and data science will be necessary for all fintech developers.

Also, learn how to create fast data-access architectures. This means you will have to master coding skills such as Apache Cassandra and Mongo DB. Having an in-depth knowledge of these technologies to help your fintech system stand to the test of the real world.

Apply For Jobs in the Right Companies

Jobs for fintech developers will be in a mixture of older companies and startups that have important roles within the finance industry. If you have mastered your technical skills then you should try sites like LinkedIn and Angel List to start speaking to these companies.

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We suggest that you attend networking events. For instance in San Francisco there are a lot of meetups that occur:

  • We Are FinTech – San Francisco
  • FinTechs PMs and Devs

Your city will have events similar to these where you can pitch your programming skills to company executives. This is a great networking resource and will help make contacts at firms. If you want the best opportunities then you should relocate to a financial center such as New York, Hong Kong, or London where startups are concentrated in that space.


You’ll need a lot of research, patience, and practice to become a fintech developer. In the long run, as the industry grows, those with higher salaries and experience will have better opportunities with high funded startups. For programmers, getting apart of a growing industry like FinTech is a great investment.