How to Batch Convert TIFF Files to PDF

TIFF Archive by Aquaforest is a simple and convenient conversion utility for anyone who regularly works with TIFF and PDF files and needs a solution to convert to the latter. The program uses the same dependable, patented technology as the developer’s other conversion tools, including Aquaforest Searchlight and Autobahn DC. The target PDF/A-1b format is the industry standard portable document format for artists, graphic designers and various other professionals, so this conversion utility makes it easier to share and distribute your work across multiple platforms. It accurately represents the original source material by preserving all important data dictating the content and visual appearance. It’s easy to use for both amateurs and professionals alike.

You can use it from the simple command line interface or by running a custom script.

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Fast and Reliable Conversion Algorithm

TIFF Archive is designed to save you time without compromising on conversion quality. As such, there is no need to feel constrained by the various limitations that typically come with file editing programs themselves. Also, you do not have to be restricted to converting a single file at a time, since this batch conversion utility can convert multiple folders full of files and any number of files in one hit. No further user interaction is required once a batch job has been set up and executed. No special knowledge is needed, but advanced users will also be able to take advantage of some useful additional features. However, to convert a selection of files, it’s simply a matter of choosing the source and destination folders and the file naming criteria, and the program will take care of the rest of the work for you.

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Advanced Features for Power Users

Power users who might have more specific requirements will be able to take advantage of the useful range of additional functions provided by TIFF Archive. The file converter provides a whole raft of advanced customization options, thanks to the ability to execute scripts that list specialized commands. Nonetheless, all jobs may be carried out using the familiar command line environment or by using the GUI version of the program and selecting from a variety of advanced flags to customize your results. For example, you can allow the program to apply JBig2 compression when converting files in order to save space without decreasing quality in the destination files. This feature will be particularly useful among those who need to send out their PDF files in bulk online.

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TIFF Archive has low system requirements, but it will also take advantage of modern hardware to perform conversion tasks at the highest speed your system allows. It works on Windows XP right up to Windows 10, including Server and 64-bit editions. It only requires 200 MB of storage space for installation, and it works best with 2GB of RAM or more. The only other requirement is that you install the .NET Framework version 4.0 or later in order for the program to run. Point your browser here to learn more about this powerful utility and get started today.

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