How do you know if your computer or laptop RAM is bad?

If you don’t own a computer, at one point you once got an opportunity to use one. Today we look at hoe to know if your computer or laptop RAM is bad. Well, RAM is a special kind of computer memory. It is known as Random Access Memory, abbreviated as R.A.M. It is within the RAM that the OS (Operating System), software data and application are kept to be quickly accessible by the computer while in use. ROM is also another computer storage component, like a memory card in your smartphone. It is on this Read Only Memory that a computer and users store their files like music, photos, documents, movies and so on. Read Alos: How to Expand RAM on android phone and Tablet.

These two types of computer memories are mutually dependant on each other. Random Access Memory is much easier to write and read from than any other type of memory. RAM in a computer is always designed as a chip. Unlike ROM which is on a Hard disk drive (HDD), Solid-state Drive (SSD) or optical drives. Random access memory holds data as long as your computer is still on. When it is switched off, it loses all data and the OS and other files are loaded into RAM when the PC is turned on. RAM captures and stores data of programs the computer is running at that particular time. It’s like a brain that keeps account of all computer operations.

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How do you know if your computer or laptop RAM is bad

But on many accounts, this memory can get overloaded making your computer pc or laptop to start lagging or slowing down. When you start experiencing slow computer operations even on basic things, there are chances your RAM is overloaded.

This can be solved by closing programs running in the background which are not in use. You can also uninstall heavy RAM consuming programs on your computer. It’s advisable to install programs depending on the capacity of RAM to enable the smooth running of your computer. If you are able to dig deeper into your pockets, you can buy a computer with higher RAM. overloaded RAM can cause your laptop to slow down and even start heating up. But during sometimes, you might be having a problem with your RAM.

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Signs that your computer/ Laptop has a bad RAM:

Lags in the system because of low RAM are common. But there are signs that when you notice them, there is a good reason to give you butterflies. These are signs of a bad RAM:

  1. If your computer frequently reboots on its own, certainly you have a bad RAM.
  2. When your computer/laptop brings up BSOD (Blue Screen of Death), know that your RAM is on the brink of wearing out.
  3. If you realize you are missing some recently created files because they are corrupted so easily, days of your RAM are numbered! Your RAM is bad!
  4. If your computer works fine and degenerates as you work but then kicks up again working well after booting, you definitely have a bad RAM.

You can run tests on your pc or laptop to fix RAM problems. But if they are persistent, you can take your pc or laptop to qualified technicians to replace your RAM chips.