How Bypass FRP On Samsung A3 Core (SM-A013G) Smartphone Using TFT Unlocktool Free

Hello. Today, I am going to show you how bypass FRP on Samsung A3 Core (SM-A013G) smartphone using TFT Unlocktool free. This article is so interesting, I would advise you stick by to learn this interesting trick. Remember besides learning how bypass FRP on Samsung A3 Core smartphone using TFT Unlocktool, you will learn more about this new tool and its functionalities that you can apply this on many other phones. So it is so important that you read along. Kindly remember to try and check my recent article about How to repair IMEI on Android Smartphones using Maui Meta Tool.

TFT is the now trending tool in town. If you are looking a for a tool that can lock most of your smartphones, then you need to give TFT Unlocktool MTK a try. One thing that makes this tool quite a catch is that it is free to use by everyone and you are not going to pay a dime to have it. I am going to include a download link where you can download it and install it on your PC. It is worth it.

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Samsung A3 (SM-A013G) Core FRP Bypass With TFT Unlocktool Free.

Samsung A3 Core is one among the earliest models of Samsung mobiles Samsung produced in the effort to update the very earliest models to the latest models we have now. This phone is build on the MTK chip so it should be easy to bypass FRP Using TFT Unlock tool. So, I am going to show you how bypass FRP on Samsung A3 Core smartphone using TFT Unlocktool. But first, let us look at the requirements you will need. You can also check Tecno Spark7 KF6i MDM file Download And Flashing


  1. Windows PC/Laptop
  2. TFT Unlocktool latest version
  3. Internet connection
  4. MTK USB Drivers preinstalled.
  5. USB Data cable

Steps on how bypass FRP on Samsung A3 Core smartphone using TFT Unlocktool

Now, after meeting the above requirements, let us look at step by step procedure on how bypass FRP on Samsung A3 Core smartphone using TFT Unlocktool.

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Step 1

Download TFT Unlock tool latest version. You can download TFT Unlocktool latest version from the link provided in this article. But TFT have a tendency of frequently updating TFT Unlocktool. Chances are by the time you are reading this article, they might have updated this tool. But don’t worry, you can just search and download the latest version on your PC.

Step 2

If you have downloaded TFT Unlocktool , extract it and install it on your PC. Now, note this: You need to have your PC connected to the internet to run this tool. It needs to connect to the internet to check if there is a latest version of it and also to load some of the models supported from there servers. Having connected your computer to the internet, go to the desktop and launch TFT.


Step 3

Now, on TFT Unlock tool, select the “SAMSUNG” tab since the phone we are erasing FRP is a samsung model.


Under “SAMSUNG” tab, now click on the very first choice on the list “Auto”. On the right side, click on [BROM] RASE FRP.


Step 4

After the above step, TFT will start waiting for your phone to connect and erase the FRP protection on your Samsung A3 Core. So you need to connect your phone.


To connect your phone to the PC, this is where it is a bit tricky. Holding the volume and down buttons will get the phone into download mode. So, you will need to connect the phone in BROM mode using test points. Power off your phone. Remove the SIM card holder, remove the back cover and connect the test points as shown bellow.


Step 5

Connect the test points using a pair of tweezers or whicher method you can use to connect the test points. With the test points connected, conect your phone to the computer using the USB data cable. As soon as a connection is established, TFT will wipe the FRP lock on your Samsung A3 core.



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