High-Tech Car Gadgets That Will Enhance Your Driving Experience

The average automobile buyer would spend more than $2,200 extra to have the high-tech features they wanted in their vehicles, according to The Hartford. The latest vehicle models are integrated with advanced technologies, from sophisticated audio systems to biometrics. Not to mention AI-powered solutions for the average user like Siri, Alexa, and other digital assistants. But that doesn’t mean you can’t add more tech features to your vehicle to make it more convenient, comfortable, and safe. If you’re looking to make your ride feel more luxurious, below are three high-tech gadgets that will enhance your driving experience. 

In-dash stereo receiver

If you want to enhance your vehicle’s audio experience, consider replacing your current stereo with an in-dash radio receiver. For example, the latest Kenwood Excelon is a 6.8 touchscreen aftermarket in-dash radio receiver with a high-definition radio and Bluetooth. However, it doesn’t integrate with all vehicle models. You’ll require a double-DIN opening for your car to accommodate this device. Once connected to your vehicle, the receiver allows you to use Android Auto or Apple CarPlay systems. That way, you can play audio in WAV and FLAC formats or stream music from internet sites like Spotify and Pandora via your smartphone. You may also display your phone’s interface on the center console. 

Night vision system

When comparing automobile models and makes at dealerships, car buyers are willing to invest more in vehicles with high-tech safety features. While dashcams and rearview cameras guarantee safety, they aren’t enough if you drive a lot at night. With this in mind, you may want to install a night vision camera. Automobile night vision devices rely on infrared thermal sensors to detect objects, people, and animals out of your headlight’s range. The images are displayed on the dashboard in real-time to help you take quick action to avoid an accident. 

Heads-up display

Although the heads-up display is available in a few luxury models, you can still enjoy the convenience of this innovative technology. Thanks to the availability of heads-up display systems for sale, you can display essential car info like speed, RPM, and fuel capacity on the windshield. For instance, the Anauto heads-up display is a cost-effective budget that connects to your automobile’s onboard diagnostic under the dashboard. It then shows your car’s vital details on a reflective film that you stick on the windshield. 

Modern cars come integrated with tons of advanced technology, including augmented reality, biometric, and artificial intelligence. Nonetheless, you can still add high-tech aftermarket accessories to enhance your car’s safety and comfort levels. Some in-car tech gadgets worth your money are heads-up display systems, night vision, in-dash radio receiver, and wireless Bluetooth FM transmitter.  

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