Compliance Software: A Critical Need for Businesses

To free employees from repetitive time-wasting manual tasks, many businesses today are automating their workplaces. Automation will help keep your employees more focused on high-level activities. A lack of compliance software that automates the tracking of data is a common problem in many firms. Software with complex algorithms can simplify most of the basic decisions your compliance officers have to undertake by themselves.

How to comply with rigorous EHS regulations

The protection of employees has become a priority for all businesses globally. The problem, of course, comes with the difficulty of complying with what is ever evolving and rigorous EHS regulations. As an illustration in 2015, OSHA put more pressure on all businesses based in the U.S in the area of workplace incidents reporting.

Revised regulations from OSHA state that every work-related fatality must be reported within 8 hours. Perchance, any of your workers suffers a newly defined severe work-related injury, you are mandated to report it within 24 hours. If your business is not ready to comply with these stringiest of regulations, you need to adapt, fast.

Why? OSHA and the global business community is pursuing a near-zero workplace fatality record. In 2017, there were 5,147 fatal workplace-related injuries in the U.S. This implies that business has a long way to go.

OSHA, however, says that if hazard communication in the workplace was improved, the figures could drastically reduce. This measure, coupled with machine guarding, respiratory protection, and powered industrial trucks, could make the workplace much safer for your employees.

Compliance software can assist your business to comply with regulations as well as address risks. Non-compliance fees are hefty and can cost your business to the millions. For instance, the highest ever-recorded non-compliance fee was to the cost of $81 million. It was charged in 2009 to BP North America. Such charges are nonetheless, not the only risk. There is a risk jail of terms for inaccurate reporting of data or non-compliance.

Reasons why your business needs compliance software

  1. For streamlined data collection
    For any reporting system to function, data has to be collected. With proper policies in place, you can log health and safety, environment, quality, and security incidents in real time. The information collected can be collated and aligned with the regulations at hand. The system will help your business in data collection flexibility in response to newer compliance and reporting standards.
  2. To boost your business’s accountability record
    Comprehensive compliance software is also centralized locations where accidents can be logged in and corrective measures assigned. They will also not only report incidences and their rates on time but analyze their causes too. The systems also have document management features that assist in the storage of documents, as well as your business’s compliance history.
  3. To improve data reporting efficiency
    The tracking and storage of EHS information in a centralized and integrated system makes compliance work a breeze. In fact, many businesses are opting to enable OSHA compliance as well as risk management and EHS information in one system. This makes external communications and reporting totally seamless.


With proper systems in place, your business can move beyond compliance to performance analysis and incident management. You will also give your team time to manage change and focus on EHS strategies as well as improved business performance.